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Decoding the platypus genome

Find out what scientists have discovered from decoding the platypus genome. Learn how these discoveries provide some surprising insights into this unusual animal's underwater feeding, number of sex chromosomes, protection of its young and evolution of the male platypus's venomous spur.

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Observing a platypus

Meet one of the world's most amazing creatures. Listen as Don Spencer describes the features of a platypus. Watch a platypus clean itself and then swim under water to search for food. See what type of animal the platypus catches and feeds on by the water's edge.

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A song about platypus

Watch as a platypus emerges from its burrow on the bank of a billabong (small lake). As you watch, listen to Don Spencer's song as he describes seeing a platypus and explores its unusual looks.

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Platypus at play

The platypus is an egg-laying mammal, perfectly adapted to its watery home in Australia's freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. With its streamlined body, webbed feet like paddles and broad tail, it dives and swims underwater in search of food. Catch a rare glimpse of this Australian animal in its natural habitat.

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Playtpus: the young male leaves the burrow

Platypus young are born and grow in the protection of a burrow. In this clip we see a young male platypus leave the burrow for the first time. This platypus has spent between 14 and 15 weeks in its burrow. See what it does on its first outing. This is one clip in a series of three.

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Playtpus: where are the young hiding?

The platypus protects its young in a burrow. Watch this amazing footage of two platypus babies inside the nesting chamber of one of these burrows. You'll be fascinated to watch as the mother, Shy, comes back to feed her 13-week-old young. This is one clip in a series of three.

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Playtpus: seeking out food

The platypus is rarely seen in the wild. Watch this female platypus, named Shy, filmed on the South Esk River, Tasmania, as she seeks food for her young. Marvel at the underwater footage as she scours the river bottom for tasty morsels. This is one clip in a series of three.


Australian animals

This collection of 25 digital curriculum resources is organised into four categories - communities of Australian animals, animals in art and stories, vertebrates and invertebrates. Images, including photographs, scientific illustrations and Indigenous art, depict some well-known and some lesser known Australian animals. ...


Animal weapons: platypus

This is a colour clip showing the platypus ('Ornithorhynchus anatinus'), an Australian monotreme, emerging from its burrow in the river bank to hunt in the river. The platypus uses its webbed, paddle-shaped feet to swim as it searches for prey. It uses its bill, which functions as an electroreceptor, to search within the ...


Platypus walking on grass, 1971

This is a colour photograph taken in 1971 of a platypus walking up a grassy hill, perhaps on the bank of a stream.


Mascot costumes, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

This is a suite of three mascot costumes that were designed in about 1997 by Matthew Hatton to promote the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The mascots are 'Syd' (a platypus), 'Olly' (a kookaburra) and 'Millie' (an echidna). Each costume consists of a cast foam head covered with synthetic fur and stretch fabric, a body made from ...


Platypus skull

This is a colour photograph of the internal skull of a platypus ('Ornithorhynchus anatinus'). This museum specimen displays two components of the skull: the braincase with fused rostrum and the lower jaw. This image has a pale background and includes a black scale line representing 2 cm. Museum identification labels are ...


Nature of Australia - A Separate Creation, 1989: That bizarre creature, the platypus

This clip shows a platypus in the wild, seeking and eating its prey. In the early scenes the platypus emerges from a burrow and moves through the water as the narrator describes some of its distinctive traits. Next, the platypus is shown using its sensitive bill to hunt and then using the horny plates in its mouth to grind ...