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Early Barbie doll with clothes and accessories, 1962-67

This is an early Barbie doll pictured with handmade and commercial clothes and accessories from about 1962 to 1967. The doll was manufactured by Mattel Corporation, USA, from plastic, and is 295 mm in height.


French souvenir doll with fishing net and basket of mussels, 1890-1900

This is a female doll with a fishing net and a basket of mussels. It was probably made to be a souvenir of a French coastal town, and would have been intended for display rather than play. It was made in France from bisque (unglazed pottery), wood, cotton, human hair and wool between 1880 and 1900. The body and legs are ...


Ball made from rubber bands, 1989

This is a rubber-band ball made by Nerrida Colelough at the Children's Museum 'You're IT!' exhibition held in Melbourne in 1989. It is a replica of a rubber-band ball she made and played with about 1980 from rubber bands supplied by her uncle, a post-office worker. This object is part of the Australian Children's Folklore ...


Sheep made by child from household materials

This is a home-made sheep, constructed by a child from everyday household materials. The head is a steel-wool pad, the body an orange kitchen sponge, and the tail a white pipe-cleaner. The eyes are two unused matches, and the legs two white pegs. There is a yellow ribbon tied around the body of the sheep. In 1991 the sheep ...


Children in billycart, Merrigum, c1910

This photograph is a portrait of the Andrews children of Merrigum, with a billycart made from packing cases and tin cans. It is part of the large Lilian Louisa Pitts Collection at Museum Victoria. The Collection is a lively record of life in the small fruit-growing and dairying community of Merrigum in the first half of ...


Toy teacup, c1880-1900

This is a glazed ceramic toy teacup. It measures 30 mm (length) x 30 mm (width) x 28 mm (height). It was excavated in 1988 in part of a district known as 'Little Lon', Melbourne. It would have been in use in about 1880-1900.


Michele Dominiewski and neighbour Wally Gilinski playing with toy car, 1960

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Michele Dominiewski, aged 2 years and 9 months, playing outside with her friend and neighbour Wally Gilinski in Glenroy, a suburb of Melbourne. Michele is seated on the bonnet of a peddle car and Wally is in the driver's seat.


Frozen Charlotte doll excavated in Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

This video features curator Charlotte Smith talking about a tiny Frozen Charlotte doll in Museum Victoria's collection, as well as about the area in which it was found, the 'Little Lon' area in the city of Melbourne. We are shown the exteriors and interiors of two recreated Little Lon cottages, the ceramic doll and an historical ...


Leslie Farey home movie - Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1932: Backyard play

This clip shows three young children playing with a pram, doll and tin drum in a suburban backyard in Melbourne in 1932, with the youngest child holding what may be a box brownie camera. The clip then cuts to a woman and toddler walking up the pathway in the front garden. The Federation-style houses across the street can ...


Young girl’s garden tea party, 1915

This amateur black-and-white photograph shows a young girl in Queensland in 1915 participating in a make-believe tea party in the back garden, her guest a manufactured well-kept doll sitting in a child’s wooden high chair. The girl, dressed in a belted white frock, is ‘pouring’ tea from a child-size china pot into small ...


Pull-along toy horse, 1875-1900

This is a pull-along toy horse made in Germany sometime between 1870 and 1900. The horse is in a walking position and has been placed on a moulded timber platform that is inset with four cast-iron spoked wheels. The body is covered in brown-and-white animal skin, probably calf hide. The horse has a silver mane and tail, ...


Female doll used by Eliza Wilkins, 1840-49

This is a female doll manufactured in Germany around 1840-49. It has a wax head and legs and a cloth body stuffed with sawdust. The doll's face is finely toned, with hazel-coloured glass 'sleeping eyes' that can be opened and shut by a wire mechanism at the waist. Dark brown human hair has been finely stitched onto cloth ...


Rocking horse, late 19th century

This is a timber rocking horse, realistically carved and painted in dappled grey. It was made in the late 19th century, probably in England. The horse is depicted with outstretched legs at a full gallop, complete with turned-back hooves. These are attached to curving struts or bows that form the rockers. The action and ...


'Swaggie' doll, 1933

This is a homemade doll dressed as a swagman, made by Rita Williams in 1933. The doll has a commercially made plastic head to which has been added a stuffed fabric body. It is dressed in a threadbare suit made from scraps of woollen fabric, a red-and-white checked neckerchief, a grey striped cotton shirt and a felt hat ...


Pedlar doll in glass dome, 1848-60

This is a female pedlar (peddler) doll that was made in England between 1848 and 1860. The doll has a composition head and painted facial features, a large hooked nose, circular gold-wire glasses, white wool hair and a peg-jointed wooden body. The legs are straight and painted white with black feet. The doll is dressed ...


Kewpie doll used at Sydney Olympic Games closing ceremony, 2000

This is an oversized prop kewpie doll comprising a head, arms, legs and torso cast in fibreglass. It was used at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games closing ceremony. The 'skin' of the kewpie is painted pink, and the moulded facial features and hair are also painted. A red bodice has been painted onto the torso. Two arms attach ...


Shirley Temple doll, 1935-36

This is a Shirley Temple doll manufactured by Ideal Novelty and Toy Company, USA, between 1935 and 1936. The doll has curly blonde hair, painted skin and blue 'sleep' eyes, which open and close depending on the doll's orientation. She is wearing a white cotton dress that has a lined red collar with a bow. There is also ...


Doll's house made by Frans and Christina Bosdyk, 1997-2006

This is a doll's house and contents made from wood, metal, ceramics and glass by Frans and Christina Bosdyk of Picton, New South Wales, between 1997 and 2006. The house and contents is made from 1:10 to 1:12 scale, with 20 rooms and a working electrical system for lighting. The style of the building and rooms span a period ...


Doll's house and contents, 1942-47

This doll's house is a fully-furnished two-storey five-room miniature timber building made in Australia. It has a cream-painted asymmetrical exterior with three gables decorated in imitation half timbering. The windows are painted to resemble leadlight glazing and the surrounding timber work, front door and double garage ...


Clinker Toy construction set, 1950s

This is a Clinker Toy construction set made in Australia in the 1950s. It includes a one-page instructional leaflet and a cardboard mailing-tube-style storage container. Beside the leaflet and container are pink and green wooden spools and a number of plain sticks or dowels of various lengths. The spools are approximately ...