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Papanastasiou children in camping ground at Portarlington, 1979

This is a photograph of the Papanastasiou children at Portarlington in 1979, playing with some friends. This image was collected as part of the museum's 'Melbourne's Biggest Family Album' project in 2006. It is a digital scan of the original colour photograph.


Wombat stew: wombat walk. Society and Environment

Inspired by the picture book Wombat Stew, lessons involve children in going on a Wombat walk to collect rubbish from the playground environment, classifying the rubbish and representing data in a graph, and designing and creating posters to display around the school.

Interactive resource

Playground rules

Explore social issues in a playground such as sharing, inclusion and keeping the area clean and tidy. Identify actions to help children get along better. Look for positive ideas where children play together and respect social values. Review a set of rules for socially desirable behaviour.


Family scenes, c1937

This is silent, colour home movie footage of a family visit to south-eastern Australia in around 1937. It shows family members next to a car, waving goodbye, and collecting their suitcases. A park scene shows a mother helping a small child on a long slide, and a large group of children, with adults, playing what looks like ...


Children in a playground in 1927

This is a black-and-white photograph of children playing on a seesaw and swings at a school sports day held at the Acton Sports Ground in Canberra in March 1927. While some children are playing, others are looking on or waiting their turn.


A school playground in 1925

This is an excerpt from a 1925 silent black-and-white documentary entitled 'The rising generation'. It opens with the intertitle 'No longer do they "creep unwillingly to school". Well-equipped children's playgrounds provide scenes of beauty and animation'. The intertitle is followed by scenes of primary school aged children ...


Teenagers on slippery dip in the Netherlands, 1930s

This is a black-and-white photograph of two girls on a wooden slippery dip in the Netherlands. A line of small Dutch flags hangs from a tree in the background.


Working bee, Canberra, 1926

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1926 showing a working bee held to build a playground at Corroboree Park in the Canberra suburb of Ainslie. A number of men can be seen working individually and collectively as children play or watch. The image also features a pile of what appears to be sand intended for a sandpit, ...


I'm going to school, 1971

This is a black-and-white photograph of a young schoolboy and a friend playing in a schoolyard in the 1970s. One boy is teetering on the top of a metal drum, under which a safety mat has been placed to buffer him against a likely fall. There is no visible supervision of these children. The photograph is from a film called ...

Interactive resource

Zou ba! School: locations around the school

Find out how to describe the location of people, rooms or buildings at a school. Identify directions in relation to school buildings or areas. For example, tell someone that a classroom is opposite the library. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.