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Listed under:  Arts  >  Media arts  >  Photography  >  Camera shots  >  Point of view shots

More Winners - Mr Edmund, 1990: 'Mystery man'

This clip shows Mrs Williams (Rhondda Findleton) informing her children and the tenants of her Sydney boarding house that a new boarder, Mr Edmund (Robert Grubb), will be moving in. That evening her daughter, Cherry (Rebecca Smart), sits writing at her desk and as her mother opens the door Cherry hides her homemade barrister's ...


Dirty War, 2005: 'The Americans are coming'

This clip shows the arrival of US military personnel in central Queensland prior to the joint military training exercises held by the USA and Australia known as Operation Talisman Sabre 2005. A narrator describes the public relations exercise that took place to encourage goodwill, and members of the public view military ...


Crystal Voyager, 1973: Learning from fish

This clip shows George Greenough, designer, innovator, photographer, filmmaker and surfer, shaping a surfboard fin. This is intercut with footage of Greenough surfing on a kneeboard and showing its manoeuvrability. As he puts the final touches on the fin, Greenough explains that his designs are inspired by the shape and ...