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Interactive resource

EagleCat: spin graph

Investigate the beautiful patterns that can emerge from the locus of a point on one circle rolling around another circle. Investigate families of curves that can be produced by: (a) changing the size of the rolling circle only, (b) changing the size of the fixed circle only or (c) changing the position of the point only.


Geometrical construction - mathematics activities

This is a photograph of a wall plaque, commemorating 'Life Members' of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, made using a Reuleaux triangle shape. Although this shape is common in engineering design from drill bits to rotary engine construction (in an adapted form), it will be unfamiliar to many mathematics ...

Teacher resource

Using 'Cities taking shape' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea includes comments following the teaching of R11361 'Cities taking shape - unit of work' to a years 4-5 class. The unit promotes students' knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes, and the relationship between them. It offers interactive and hands-on tasks to develop, consolidate and extend students' understandings ...

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 9: Measurement and Geometry: introduction to plane geometry - teacher guide

This is a 16-page guide for teachers. It provides an introduction to the initial ideas of plane geometry. Points and lines are introduced as fundamental objects in the study of geometry. Angles and parallelism are the initial areas of attention in a more formal approach to geometry that occurs from year 7.

Teacher resource


This is a teacher resource for quadratics consisting of a website and a PDF with identical content. The website contains a number of screencasts discussing the solutions of exercises, a number of interactives demonstrating properties of quadratics and accompanying screencasts describing the interactives. The resource contains ...

Interactive Resource


This iPad app is a tool to create line segments, vertices and polygons using coloured bands on a pegboard. There are two board sizes - a standard 25-peg board and a 150-peg board that allows a greater number and diversity of configurations. The bands come in eight colours and the shapes created can be filled with a transparent ...