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Rogue nation, 2009: Democracy and the colony of NSW

This clip is an excerpt from the 2009 documentary 'Honour among thieves', the first of a two-part television series entitled 'Rogue nation'. In a dramatised re-enactment, British Commissioner John Thomas Bigge investigates the colony of NSW in 1819. He is advised by John Macarthur, a member of the 'exclusives' class of ...

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Parliament vs monarch - unit of work

This is an extended unit of work for the upper primary years about how the Westminster system evolved in England. It comes from the 'Discovering democracy' series of units. The unit includes studies of the Magna Carta and King John, King Charles I and the struggle with Parliament, the advent of constitutional monarchy with ...

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: the iron lady of Africa

This is a 2008 interview with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel Peace Prize winner and President of Liberia since 2006, the first female head of state in Africa. She discusses her childhood; the coup d'état in Liberia; the Doe and Johnson dictatorships; her presidential campaigns and the power of women voters; her policies of ...


Police State, 1989: The breakthrough

This clip shows a re-creation of Sergeant Colin Dillon, played by himself, giving evidence to the Fitzgerald Inquiry into police corruption in Queensland in 1987 about how a bottle of expensive Scotch whisky was put in his locker as a bribe and how, while he never opened it, it came to symbolise his tacit complicity in ...


Monday Conference - PNG, 1971: Presidential vs Westminster system

This black-and-white clip shows John Guise, member of the House of Assembly in Papua New Guinea (PNG), explaining why he thinks PNG should adopt a presidential style of government on attaining independence. He explains that this system would provide more political stability than the Westminster parliamentary system. The ...


Model of the Welcome Nugget, 1858-85

This is a plaster of Paris model of the Welcome Nugget, made between 1858 and 1885 by an unknown craftsman. It is painted gold and green and has a nobbly surface. The Welcome Nugget was found at Ballarat, Victoria, in 1858.


Gold nugget replica - 'Opposum'

This is a replica of the 'Opposum' gold nugget, part of the Mineralogy Collections at Museum Victoria. Its dimensions are: 27.3 cm x 19.2 cm x 8.0 cm, and it weighs 9.53 kg.


Gold nugget replica - 'The Boort'

This is a replica of 'The Boort' gold nugget, part of the Mineralogy Collections at Museum Victoria. Its dimensions are: 10.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 6 cm, and it weighs 1.73 kg.


Gold nugget replica - 'The Kum Tow'

This is a replica of 'The Kum Tow' gold nugget, part of the Mineralogy Collections at Museum Victoria. Its dimensions are: 36.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 13 cm, and it weighs 22.54 kg.


Diaz family at Midway Migrant Hostel, 1974

This is a colour photograph showing Alicia, Pablo and Eduardo Diaz in a living room at the Midway Migrant Hostel in Maribyrnong, Victoria.


Medal commemorating visit of the Prince of Wales to Bendigo, 1920

This gilt medal was issued in 1920 to commemorate the visit of the Prince of Wales to Bendigo in Victoria. It is circular with a loop for hanging. One side features a bust of the Prince of Wales in military uniform and is inscribed: 'H.R.H. PRINCE OF WALES / WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA'. The other side features a coat of arms ...


My Place - Episode 12: 1898: Rowley, Founding the ALP

Rowley and Tom Müller visit Mr Merry when he is convening a meeting of the newly formed Labor Party. They are discussing the development of a new brickworks and are concerned with protecting the rights, health and safety of workers. Rowley and his mother discuss Rowley's father and his employment at the brickworks.


Arthur Fadden, prime minister 1941

This is a black-and-white photograph of Arthur Fadden, Australia's thirteenth prime minister. It shows him wearing a pinstripe suit. He is facing the camera in an official photograph.


Harold Holt, prime minister 1966-67

This is a black-and-white photograph of Harold Holt, Australia's seventeenth prime minister. It shows him alongside Lyndon Baines Johnson, the first US president to visit Australia, and 'First Lady' Lady Bird Johnson in October 1966.


ALP cinema advertisement: 'In the Wake of the Storm', 1946

This is a cinema advertisement for the Australian Labor Party, made for the election campaign of 1946. The advertisement presents Prime Minister Ben Chifley as the man who can steer Australia through the dangers of inflation to prosperity. Reminding viewers of Labor's leadership in the Second World War, the clip shows dramatic ...


ALP: federal election TV advertisements, 1966

These are clips from three Australian Labor Party TV advertisements made for the election of 1966. The first two are presented by Gough Whitlam, the deputy leader of the ALP, and the last by Arthur Calwell, the leader of the party. The first focuses on the need for greater rural and resource development; the second on education, ...


'Curtin', 2007

These two clips from the 2007 telemovie 'Curtin' depict Australian Prime Minister John Curtin's leadership in World War II. The first clip dramatises Curtin's realisation that Australia will be defenceless if Singapore falls to the Japanese. The second clip portrays Curtin's personal struggle with the heavy responsibility ...


Liberal Party Cinema Advertisement: 'The golden age', 1946

This is a cinema advertisement for the Liberal Party made for the election campaign of 1946. The advertisement uses footage of flocks of sheep and horses ploughing the land and of working factories to present a view of a young, fertile and vigorous Australia exporting its surplus to other countries. The advertisement contrasts ...


'Hellfire Jack: The John Curtin Story', 1985

These three clips from the documentary 'Hellfire Jack: The John Curtin Story' show archival footage with sound of John Curtin from 1940 when he nearly lost his seat in parliament, to October 1941 when he became prime minister, through to his death in 1945. The first clip shows the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, ...


'Mister Prime Minister - Joseph Aloysius Lyons', c1966

These are two clips of television documentary footage describing the rise to power in the federal parliament of Joseph (Joe) Lyons (1879-1939) who was prime minister of Australia from 1932 to 1939. The first clip focuses on the period immediately leading up to Lyons becoming prime minister in 1932 and the second on the ...