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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Plant structure and function  >  Plant reproduction  >  Pollination
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What's up, honey bee?

Around the world, honey bee populations are in decline. Discover here that, whilst scientists continue to investigate the causes of this phenomenon, beekeepers are facing a battle to keep their bees alive. Find out how declining bee numbers might threaten the global food supply.


Friend or foe?

This collection of lessons, activities and task cards is designed to awaken students' curiosity about insects in the school garden, with the aim of illustrating that not all insects are pests. Lessons loosely follow an inquiry learning structure: the first lessons elicit prior knowledge about insects, followed by activities ...

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Science learning: artificial pollination

This is a web resource providing a video and transcript about research into the pollination of kiwifruit by honey bees and artificially. A research scientist explains what artificial pollination is, why it is needed for kiwifruit and the method used. Footage shows a researcher working on kiwifruit vines and in the laboratory, ...

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Science learning: avocado research

This is a web resource providing a video and transcript about the pollination of avocado flowers. The video focuses on research aiming to increase fruit production from pollination by honey bees. A research scientist describes how avocado flowers change sex daily to avoid self-pollination and explains that pollination by ...

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Marla Spivak: Why bees are disappearing

This is a video of a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talk by Professor Marla Spivak about the dramatic decline in the number of bees. The 16-minute video begins with a discussion of why humans should care about bees, including their critical importance for the world's food supply. Professor Spivak explains that ...

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Where would we bee without them? video

This is a video about bees and their importance for Australian agricultural production. Intended for mid-primary students, the video is presented by Trevor Weatherhead of the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council. He describes how numerous plants, such as the pumpkin crops seen in the video, are dependent on bees for pollination. ...

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Where would we bee without them?

This is a unit of work about bees and their vital role in the food chain and in agricultural production. The unit supports primary students to understand the basic biology of bees and to differentiate between native bees and the introduced honey bees. The unit is divided into a number of activities that focus on: bee anatomy; ...