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Listed under:  Arts  >  Music  >  Music styles  >  Popular music

Normie Rowe performing at Melbourne Town Hall, 1968

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting pop star Normie Rowe performing on stage in front of a crowd at the Melbourne Town Hall. A teenage girl has rushed onto the stage in an attempt to approach the singer and has been caught by security guards. The stage is covered with streamers that have ...

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The Stomp, a 1960s dance craze

Imagine a dance so simple it could be learnt in minutes and so popular it became a craze. This clip from a Weekend Magazine program screened in 1963 looks at such a dance. It was called the Stomp and it was pounded out in surf clubs and council halls around Australia's coast. Watch and listen as teenagers express their ...


Pop singer Jeff Phillips performing at Melbourne Town Hall, 1968

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting singer Jeff Phillips performing on a streamer-covered stage in front of a crowd at the Melbourne Town Hall. Teenage fans are crowding the stage and throwing more streamers at him. Other audience members are seated in a balcony area to the side. Hanging ...

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The old australian record industry

Discover a time in Australia's past when the vinyl record industry was thriving. Today you can download your choice of music at almost any time or place. But in this clip from 1963 you will experience life before music downloads and compact discs (CDs): the age of vinyl records. These records created a teenage mass market ...


The Seekers, Melbourne, 1968

This is a black-and-white photograph taken on 26 January 1968, of the pop group, The Seekers, performing in the Melbourne Town Hall after receiving their awards as Australians of the Year for 1967. From left to right, they are Keith Potger (vocals, guitar), Bruce Woodley (vocals, guitar), Judith Durham (vocals) and Athol ...


Doesn't Everybody Want a Golden Guitar, 1995: A tribute to Tamworth

This clip shows country music singer Jane Saunders performing 'Life in a Small Town' and features three Tamworth residents talking about what makes their country town a good place to live. These tributes and Saunders's performance are interspersed in a montage of everyday life in Tamworth that includes shots of the main ...


Doesn't Everybody Want a Golden Guitar, 1995: How to be a country music star

This clip shows a number of music industry professionals, including the legendary country music personality John 'Mr Hoedown' Minson, talking about what they believe it takes to be a success in the country music scene. It also features country music hopeful Mark O'Shea and an excerpt from a performance by one of Australia's ...


'When the war is over, Maggie', 1914-1918

This is a recording of a British First World War song that was popular in Australia both during and after the War. The recording was possibly made in London, in 1915.


The Maori Hi Five showband

This is a black-and-white photograph of the Māori showband, The Maori Hi Five. This three-quarter length portrait shot shows the band members grouped against a plain, light coloured wall. They are dressed to perform, hold some instruments including a saxophone and guitar, and smile at the photographer. They are (front row, ...


'It's hot in Brisbane but it's Coolangatta', 1953

This is a song promoting Coolangatta. It was recorded in 1953 at Doug Roughton's Hokey Pokey Club near Coolangatta. Sheet music of the song indicates it was available in a 'slow bounce version and a Dixieland or fast version'. This appears to be the slow version.

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Jogja hip-hop reaches birthplace of hip-hop

This is an article about the impact and influence of hip-hop music on the youth of Yogyakarta in Java, Indonesia. The author highlights the strengths of a globalised hip-hop culture to nurture young Indonesian artists who incorporate Javanese colloquial language into their lyrics. There is also a video clip of performance ...

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Popular culture post-war

In post-war Australia, cultural changes - like the popularisation of surfing and rock 'n' roll, and a sexual revolution - took hold. Meet the 'teenager'.

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Asia-pop music

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore the origins and elements of pop music in China, South Korea and Japan; and its influence on global popular culture. The teacher notes provide additional online resources and pedagogical advice. The stimulus ...

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Popular culture

This unit of work focuses on the Popular cutlure depth study in the the year 10 History curriculum, focusing primarily on popular music in Australia from 1945 to the present day. The unit draws on a range of online music, cultural collections and affiliated web resources to help students discover the how music shaped Australia's ...

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What is a musical phrase?

Sometimes we come across musical phrases that catch on like wildfire. With every repetition, these phrases take on more meaning. Listen closely for this jazz lick that has appeared in many forms throughout music history. What other popular musical phrases can you think of? What meanings do they carry, and what could you ...