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French souvenir doll with fishing net and basket of mussels, 1890-1900

This is a female doll with a fishing net and a basket of mussels. It was probably made to be a souvenir of a French coastal town, and would have been intended for display rather than play. It was made in France from bisque (unglazed pottery), wood, cotton, human hair and wool between 1880 and 1900. The body and legs are ...


'Teacup ballet', 1935

This is a black-and-white photograph, measuring 35.4 cm x 28.4 cm, that was made by Olive Cotton (1911-2003) in 1935. It consists of a group of six cups and saucers that have been carefully arranged in an asymmetrical pattern on a flat surface. The items have a glossy surface and are slightly translucent, which suggests ...


'Antipodean palaceware (vase)', 1989 and 1998

This is a decorative earthenware vase, made in 1989 by Mark Heidenreich and decorated in 1998 by Stephen Bowers (1952-). This large vase, which measures 86.0 cm x 52.5 cm (diameter), is a classically elegant form with a cylindrical, rimmed, footed base that rises in a swelling curve and pinches into a tight throat and generous ...


'Diamond' platter by Les Blakebrough, 2002

This is a translucent white porcelain platter made in 2002 by Australian ceramic artist Les Blakebrough. The shallow oval platter has a matt unglazed surface, with a broad central band consisting of rows of a diamond pattern in relief. The base of the platter (not visible in the photograph) is signed and bears the stamp ...


'Diamond ship form' by Les Blakebrough, 2002

This is a ceramic 'ship form' made by Les Blakebrough in 2002. It is a narrow cylindrical form with an oval cross-section, a flat base and straight slightly concave sides rising up to a thin rim. The matt unglazed exterior has a band consisting of rows of a diamond pattern in relief. The interior of the piece has a clear ...


Villeroy and Boch vase, c1900

This is a porcelain vase made in about 1900 by Villeroy and Boch in Dresden, Germany. Measuring 30.5 cm (height) x 14.0 cm (diameter), the vase is a tall cylindrical form that tapers in two gentle stages from a flat base to a narrower opening. The surface decoration consists of three pointed-arch shapes in pink and gold-brown ...


Meissen portrait bust, 'Baron Schmiedel', 1739

This is a head and shoulders portrait bust set on a small, rectangular base that was modelled in 1739 by Johann Joachim Kändler at the Royal Saxon Porcelain Manufactory, Meissen, Germany. Made in porcelain and measuring 49.2 cm (height) x 37.0 cm (width) x 27.5 cm (depth), the bust portrays a solidly built man with his ...


Sèvres plate from the 'Service des Arts Industriels', 1830

This is a porcelain plate, measuring 24.0 cm (diameter) x 3.2 cm (depth), made by the Sèvres Royal Porcelain Manufactory, France, in 1830. In the centre of the plate, painted in rich colours, is an image of a scene in the dyeing workshop of a textile factory. The scene includes workers engaged in various tasks. In the foreground, ...


Westminster teacups and saucers, c1950

This is a set of six teacups and saucers made by Westminster, England, in about 1950. Made from porcelain, each teacup has a different coloured interior of pink, blue, green, grey, yellow or orange, and a white exterior. The teacups rise from a low, circular base into a shallow, rounded body with a c-shaped handle. The ...


Waechtersbach tea and coffee set, c1905

This is a white earthenware tea and coffee set made by the Waechtersbach Earthenware Factory, Schlierbach, Hesse, Germany, in about 1905. The electroplated silver components were made by the WMF. The oval-shaped silver tray sits on balled feet and has a low railing running around the entire outer edge, which is composed ...


Bowls, 'Southern ice' by Les Blakebrough, 1995

These are two porcelain bowls from the 'Southern Ice' series, designed and made in 1995 by Les Blakebrough in Hobart. Both bowls have been made from a Valentine’s (Stoke-on-Trent) matt white porcelain clay. The bowl at left has a tall thrown cylindrical foot (high-foot), with a half-spherical bowl above. There is a wide ...


'Conceal series', cups and bowl by Marianne Huhn, 1997

This is a set of three cups and a bowl, made by Marianne Huhn from Limoges porcelain in 1997. The single large bowl and three smaller handle-less cups or beakers are each different in height, and all have a small, flat base and sides that rise in a gradual swelling to an open mouth. All four vessels are white with black ...


'Sphere', covered jar by Les Blakebrough, 1986

This is a covered porcelain jar with a triassic sandstone and wood ash glaze and triassic sandstone trail, made by Les Blakebrough in 1986. The jar, which measures 45.2 cm (height) x 40.3 cm (width), is basically spherical in shape and tapers down to a foot rim. The jar has a small dome-shaped cover that fits inside the ...


Greenware cisterns at a Caroma factory

This is a colour photograph of eight 'greenware' cisterns on a shelf in an Australian Caroma factory.


Checking the quality of Caroma cisterns

This is a colour photograph of lines of 'greenware' cisterns stacked on shelves in an Australian Caroma factory. A man is leaning over to examine one of the cisterns. Behind him is a row of cistern moulds.


Machinery at a Caroma factory

This is a colour photograph of machinery used in the preparation of clay for the production of vitreous chinaware at a Caroma factory in Sydney or Melbourne. A row of clay-splattered vertical wooden slats sit in metal grooves.


Slip to make vitreous china at a Caroma factory

This is a colour photograph of a vat of 'slip' at a Caroma factory in Sydney or Melbourne. Streams of brown liquid are pouring into the middle of a swirling mass of khaki-coloured liquid.


Sinks and cisterns after firing at a Caroma factory

This is a colour photograph of white vitreous china toilet cisterns and bathroom basins on a shelf after being fired in a kiln at a Caroma factory in Sydney or Melbourne. A variety of stands hold each piece in the correct position, with the cisterns upright and the sinks vertical.


Toilet pans in the production line at a Caroma factory

This is a colour photograph of long rows of toilet pans in a Caroma factory in Sydney or Melbourne. A worker in the centre aisle is checking 'greenware' toilet pans that are standing on a raised shelf. Behind the worker, plaster production moulds are being filled with 'slip' fed through plastic hosepipes from machinery ...


Toilet pan glazed by robotics at a Caroma factory

This is a colour photograph of a toilet pan that has been glazed by a robot. The toilet pan is standing on a rack. The photograph was taken with the camera tilted and is distorted by reflections or movement.