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Listed under:  Language  >  Language conventions  >  Grammar  >  Words  >  Pronouns  >  Possessive pronouns

Rearing tiger cubs in captivity: dataset

This chapter of an academic science book provides research data about the birth, growth and rearing of tiger cubs in captivity. Table 1 comprises the required feeding routine for hand-reared tiger cubs. It lists the routine for Day 1 following the birth, then the routine for each of the following 12 weeks.

Interactive Resource

Aggettivi e avverbi

This is a set of interactive resources about Italian adjectives, with specific emphasis on 'buono', 'bello', 'quello' and possessives. It is divided into four sections with self-explanatory headings: Buono, Bello e quello, Aggettivi and Aggettivi possessivi. It emphasises a range of key qualifying adjectives, and an introduction ...