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Young people and mental health: I've got what?

This clip shows young people talking about their experience of seeking help and receiving a diagnosis. They reflect on how they felt when a health care professional named the illness. The illnesses discussed in the clip include depression, post traumatic stress disorder, psychotic depression, drug-induced psychosis, bipolar ...


Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister 2007-2010

This is a colour photograph of the Honourable Kevin Rudd, Australia's twenty-sixth Prime Minister. It shows him talking with Mrs Bess Carr at the launch of the Shell-shocked exhibition at the National Archives in 2008.

Moving Image

Anzac Day and the unseen costs of war

Discover the unseen costs of war. Many people experience fear, anxiety, bereavement, shock and other forms of psychological trauma that do not end when they return home. Watch this clip as residents of Violet Town in Victoria reflect on the personal cost of war.


The Dirtwater Dynasty, 1988: 'Let's try to put it all behind us'

This clip shows a scene in a large house at night as Christine Eastwick (Leverne McDonnell) and her father-in-law, Richard Eastwick (Hugo Weaving), are woken by screams from a bedroom and go to investigate. Christine goes in to find her husband Richie (Robert Menzies), recently returned from the Second World War, having ...