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'Modern miniature photography at lowest cost', 1930s

This is a colour poster advertising Kodak cameras that was printed in the 1930s. Its text reads, 'LET US DEMONSTRATE THE MINIATURE KODAKS DE-LUXE' and 'Modern Miniature Photography AT LOWEST COST'. The miniature camera models, listed along the bottom of the poster, are Retina, Bantam, Duo and Suprema. The poster features ...


'Better snapshots are easier now' poster, 1930s

This is a colour poster, advertising Kodak cameras, that was printed in the 1930s. The advertising slogan reads 'BETTER SNAPSHOTS are EASIER NOW with new "Body-Release" Kodaks'. The poster features an illustration of a smiling woman in a sundress who is lying on grass and holding a folding Kodak camera. The word ‘KODAK’ ...


'Double your week-end fun, go with a Kodak' poster, 1930s

This is a colour poster, advertising Kodak cameras, that was produced in the 1930s. The advertising slogan reads 'DOUBLE YOUR WEEK-END FUN Go with a Kodak THE SNAPSHOTS YOU WANT TOMORROW YOU MUST MAKE TODAY'. The poster features an illustration of a woman in a short green playsuit and necktie. She is kneeling down, holding ...


'The 150th anniversary celebrations invite Kodak snapshots' poster, 1938

This is a colour poster from 1938 that promotes a competition for photographs taken with Kodak cameras during Australia's 150th anniversary celebrations. The competition offers £55 in prizes. The poster's slogan appears against a background illustration featuring a number of national flags, including the Australian and ...


'Give a Kodak' poster, 1938

This is a colour poster advertising Kodak cameras for a 1938 Christmas sales campaign. The advertising slogan reads 'Kodaks and Brownies / GIVE A KODAK / Kodak film Gift Packages', set against a background illustration of holly in red and green. The back of the poster, not seen here, is in the form of a 'Kodak Trade Circular' ...


'Don't forget to take your Kodak' poster, 1930s

This is a colour poster, advertising Kodak cameras, that was produced in the 1930s. On the left is a close-up black-and-white photograph of a young girl eating an ice-cream, with the words '"DON’T FORGET TO TAKE YOUR KODAK"' in a speech bubble directed at her mouth. On the right is a black-and-white photograph of a young ...


'Now! 8 exposures instead of 6, Kodak film' poster, 1930s

This is a colour poster, advertising Kodak film, that was printed in the 1930s. It features the slogan 'Now! 8 Exposures / Instead of 6 / 2 EXTRA EXPOSURES / KODAK Film / VERICHROME AND REGULAR / 2 1/4 x 3 1/4, 2 1/2 x 4 1/4 INCHES'. The poster's dimensions are 745 mm x 265 mm.


'Kodak film, because it's made in Australia' poster, 1930s

This is a colour poster, advertising Kodak film, that was printed in the 1930s. It features an illustration of a bright red, partly unspooled roll of photographic film against a green background. The slogan 'IT'S RIGHT FOR AUSTRALIA ... KODAK FILM Because IT'S MADE IN AUSTRALIA', runs across the unspooled section of film. ...


'Kodak film makes every camera a better camera' poster, 1930s

This is a colour poster, advertising Kodak photographic film, that was produced in the 1930s. An illustration of a yellow, black and red box of Kodak Verichrome film appears in the top left-hand corner. The slogan on the poster reads 'PERFECTED BY WORLD WIDE KODAK RESEARCH Kodak Film MAKES EVERY CAMERA A BETTER CAMERA'. ...


AIDS memorial candlelight vigil and AIDS quilt display poster, 2001

This is a three-colour printed advertising poster to promote the 2001 AIDS Memorial Candlelight Vigil and Remembrance Ceremony on 7 October 2001 at the Melbourne Museum plaza and the AIDS Memorial Quilt Display on the same day at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens. The text is printed in yellow over a blurred ...


My Place - Episode 7: 1948: Jen, The pictures

Jen and her friends are at the 'pictures' watching a newsreel that includes an announcement of the birth of Prince Charles. In the cinema foyer the girls steal a movie poster of Prince Philip, the husband of Princess Elizabeth (who would later become Queen Elizabeth II). The girls discuss the importance of 'handsomeness' ...


'Am I not a man and a brother?', 1837

This is a black-and-white illustration of a kneeling male slave in chains. It appeared on a broadside (a poster, often with a poem or news and sometimes with woodcut illustrations) published in New York. The broadside also featured John Greenleaf Whittier's anti-slavery poem, 'Our countrymen in chains' and two quotations, ...

Teacher resource

Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum

This Curriculum aims to support schools and teachers in the promotion of safety for all students. It includes lessons about personal safety and awareness, cyber-safety and telephone safety. The Curriculum is structured sequentially and developmentally across three phases of learning: Prep - Year 2, Years 3 - 6, and Years ...

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World War Two propaganda posters - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea provides links to the Second World War propaganda posters that a year 10 history teacher used to support the study of the novel, 'McKenzie's Boots'.

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Design a layout: poster: assessment: teacher guide

Use this resource with 'Design a layout: poster: assessment' (L9685). First, see a profile of that assessment object, which gives you some helpful background information. Then follow clear guidelines on the marking and interpretation of student input. For each of the tasks, read notes on the three main anticipated levels ...


'No, Sir--These are not Anarchists', 1919

This is a newspaper illustration published in 1919 by cartoonist Charles Nuttall portraying seven well-dressed men and women on their way to a church service wearing face masks to protect them against the recent Spanish influenza (flu) outbreak. The caption below the drawing reads 'Melbourne, February, 1919. / No, Sir--These ...


Australia's peril

This is a promotional poster for the 1917 Australian silent movie 'Australia's peril'. The poster shows a sketch of three German soldiers in a bedroom, one holding a dead or fainting woman. A man lies dead on the floor, holding a revolver. The catchcry is 'Are Our Women Safe from Violation? Men and Women of Australia, Awake!'


'A hero of Dardanelles', 1915 - asset 2

This is a black-and-white negative of a newspaper advertisement for the film 'A hero of the Dardanelles' released in July 1915. The advertisement reads 'The boys have made a glorious page in Australia's history. And that page has been preserved for posterity in the official recruiting film ''A hero of the Dardanelles'' ...


ANZAC poster

This is a poster commemorating the New Zealand role in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) campaign in Gallipoli during the First World War. Along the top is a photograph depicting three naval vessels on one side and Anzac Beach, Gallipoli, after the landing on the other. At the top of the photograph is the ...


Health stamps poster

This is a full-colour poster (57 cm x 44.5 cm) featuring an illustration of children playing at the beach. In the foreground, a boy with a spade at his side stands by a heap of sand he has dug, flexing his arm muscles. Two girls and another boy, all dressed in swimwear, are looking at the central figure. Across the bottom ...