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Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: Australia celebrates Federation

Use a map of Australia to find out what was happening and how people around the nation celebrated Federation on 1 January 1901. View images of the town and read accounts of the celebrations as Australia officially became one nation. Write an account for a newspaper comparing and contrasting the nature of the celebrations.

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Discovering democracy: Federation timeline

Use a timeline to find information about significant events and ideas in the establishment of a federated Australia. Nominate specific years or scroll from 1788 to 1901 to see what steps were key in determining the nature of government in Australia.

Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: democracy timeline

Use a timeline to find information about significant events and ideas in the development and evolution of democracy in the world, focusing on Australia. Nominate specific years or scroll from the latest date back to 0 (where events dated BC are listed).


Food aid for victims of Cyclone Tracy, 1975

This is a colour photograph of people lining up for a meal at the Darwin High School relief centre in 1975. It shows victims of Cyclone Tracy serving themselves from a smorgasbord of fresh food spread out on tables set up in an open area under the School.


Disaster relief after Cyclone Tracy, 1975

This is a colour photograph showing a crowd of people eating their meals in the concrete forecourt of the Darwin High School, which became the main food distribution centre for Darwin's citizens after the devastation of their homes and their city by Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Eve 1974.


Invitation to the inaugural Commonwealth celebrations, 1901

This is a printed, coloured invitation card from the Government of New South Wales, inviting guests to attend celebrations for the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia from 1 January 1901. There is a picture of young girls dressed in white in a boat on the left of the card, holding the badges or symbols of the ...


Portrait of Edith Cowan, 1920s

This is a black-and-white photographic portrait of Edith Cowan (1861-1932). The photograph, measuring 20.3 cm x 15.2 cm, was taken in the early 1920s and shows Cowan in her sixties, around the time she was serving as Australia's first female member of a state parliament. Handwritten text below the image reads 'yours sincerely ...


Petition for enfranchising South Australian women, 1894

This is a fragment of a signed petition, organised by the South Australian Women's Suffrage League in 1894, asking the Speaker and House of Assembly in South Australia to grant women equal voting rights with men. The document respectfully requests that legislation be passed to allow the enfranchisement of adult women. The ...


Female suffrage Act, South Australia, 1894

This is the first page of a Bill for the enactment of an amendment to the Constitution and Electoral Acts of South Australia to allow women to hold equal voting rights with men. The 1894 Bill grants women the right to vote in elections for both the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly. A handwritten notation on ...


Speech by Prime Minister Scullin, 1931 - asset 2

This is original black-and-white footage with sound of Prime Minister James Scullin making a speech on his return to Australia in 1931 after several months overseas. He implores Australians to have confidence in the Australian Government and in themselves to rise out of the Great Depression. He says that this will give ...


'Migration in action' pamphlet, 1950s

This is a 12-page pamphlet, measuring 22.8 cm x 17.6 cm, produced by the Australian Government's Department of Information for the Department of Immigration in the early 1950s. In addition to the title, the cover features four horizontal rows of photographs. The first row depicts a family waving goodbye, the second immigrants ...


Marking Northern Territory self-government, 1978

This is a black-and-white photograph of a scene at a garden party held at Government House in Darwin, capital of Australia's Northern Territory, on 8 September 1978, when celebrations took place to mark the start of self-government for the Territory. In front, on the left, is Sir Zelman Cowen, then Governor-General of Australia; ...


Closing scenes in 'The golden west', 1929

This is an excerpt from the short film 'The golden west', made in 1929 to commemorate the centenary of British settlement of Western Australia. It begins with an elaborate intertitle overlaid with the words: 'And so our short tale / ends with a typical / western sunset, that leaves / its glint on the hills and / its shimmer ...


Poeppel's corner post, 1880

This is a wooden post, 1.43 m high and with a circumference of 0.675 m, that was used to mark the junction of South Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland in the Simpson Desert. The image shows the South Australian side of the post. There is a small metal plaque at the top of the post on which is the name 'POEPPEL'S ...


Norm Mitchell cartoon, 1970

This is a 1970 cartoon by Norm Mitchell that depicts the then Victorian premier, Sir Henry Bolte, sitting in and damming the Murray River at the border between South Australia and Victoria. He is holding a sign bearing the words 'IT'S MINE - ALL MINE' and to his left are three Bolte quotations in cartoon 'bubbles'. Downstream, ...


Map of Australia, c1880

This is a coloured map entitled 'Australia', produced about 1880 by the British cartographer, John Bartholomew. It measures 48.5 cm x 59.0 cm. Different colours are used to distinguish the six British colonies. The map identifies hundreds of places, geographical features and waters around the continent. In the top left- ...


Map of Australia, c1891

This is a coloured map of Australia entitled 'Australie', produced by the French cartographer J Migeon for publication in his 'Nouvel Atlas' (New Atlas) in 1891. It measures 31.5 cm x 42.2 cm. Different colours are used to distinguish the six British colonies. Tasmania extends beyond the framing border. In French, the map ...


Jungle Road, 1963: Civil administration training

This promotional clip shows scenes depicting the contribution made by the Australian civil administration in training Papua New Guineans and supporting the economic development of Papua New Guinea. In colour and accompanied by background music and a voice-over, the clip shows teachers and students at a posts-and-telegraph ...


Bigger than Texas, 1992: Alan Bond

This clip shows businessman Alan Bond bringing the America's Cup yachting trophy to Western Australia in 1983. It includes news footage and commentary that indicate the euphoria generated by the America's Cup win, including the huge crowds that turned out to see the Cup arriving in Perth. The clip includes journalist Jenni ...


Cartoon about women's suffrage, 1900

This black-and-white cartoon from the 17 November 1900 edition of the Queensland federated unions' newspaper The Worker features a caricature of an older woman leaning over a desk, harassing a cowering man seated on the other side. Demanding her promised vote and wielding an umbrella, the woman probably represents Emma ...