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Horsehead nebula

This is a colour photograph of a gas- and dust-filled region in the constellation Orion. Dark material, resembling a horse's head chess piece, is silhouetted in contrast to the upper backdrop of a soft pink-red glow, from where wispy filaments stream out. A bright pink-yellow region at lower left spotlights contorted dark ...


Animal weapons: dolphin

This is a colour clip showing dolphins, among the most intelligent mammals and most versatile hunters, using different methods for catching prey in different situations. When hunting alone dolphins use their sonar to locate fish, pursuing them at about 32 kilometres per hour. They make continuous movements of their head ...


Children painting at immigration centre

This is a photograph of immigrant children painting outside the preschool play centre at the Scheyville Immigration Centre near Windsor, north-west of Sydney, in 1960. Three young girls and a boy are painting at easels on a lawn outside the converted Nissan hut that housed the play centre. A smiling woman is supervising them.


Submariners, 2005: Acoustic warfare

This clip shows the Australian submarine HMAS 'Rankin' as it takes part in a naval exercise with the US Navy off the coast of Hawaii. The captain, Steve Hussey, plans and executes a strategy to elude detection by the US fleet. This involves initially encouraging his crew to 'make a bit of noise' so that the US ships will ...

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Problem solving in block corner

The teacher joins a group of children in a block construction area. She supports a child to plan how to build his desired replica of the MCG and to select his co-workers. She facilitates entry to the 'building site' by other children, modelling and discussing negotiation and collaboration strategies. She provides mathematical ...

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Bush Preschool

The teacher takes her preschool class outside the school environment to experience a ‘Bush Preschool’ program. The program is modelled on an exemplary Victorian preschool program. As a preschool educator, she wants her students to take risks, trust themselves and others, to feel success, to be inspired, and to connect with ...

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Supporting students' development

A teacher at a preschool in Alice Springs, is committed to understanding what is best for student learning. Professional reading, collegiate discussions and workplace observations have shown her the importance of flexibility in responding to student learning needs. In the clip, she draws upon effective questioning strategies ...