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Listed under:  Society  >  Citizenship  >  Politics  >  Political power  >  Political leaders  >  Heads of state  >  Presidents

Harold Holt, prime minister 1966-67

This is a black-and-white photograph of Harold Holt, Australia's seventeenth prime minister. It shows him alongside Lyndon Baines Johnson, the first US president to visit Australia, and 'First Lady' Lady Bird Johnson in October 1966.


Postcard of Lincoln's Address at Gettysburg

This is a colour postcard depicting the United States president Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) on 19 November 1863. It is entitled 'Lincoln's address at Gettysburg'. In blue uniforms, Union soldiers of the US federal army watch as Lincoln makes his speech with his arms raised, looking towards the sky. US flags are shown among ...


Photograph of US President Franklin D Roosevelt, 1944

This is a photograph of US President Franklin D Roosevelt presented to Prime Minister John Curtin during his April 1944 visit to the White House in Washington DC. At the bottom of the photograph is the handwritten inscription: ‘For the Rt Hon John Curtin, Prime Minister of Australia from his friend Franklin D Roosevelt’. ...


Four Corners - American Dreamers, 2003: A meeting of minds

This clip shows the close relationship between US president George W Bush and Australian prime minister John Howard as they express their views on Iraq and Saddam Hussein at a White House press conference on 13 June 2002. It begins with Howard affirming Australia's close friendship with the USA and focusing on Iraq's weapons ...

Moving Image

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: the iron lady of Africa

This is a 2008 interview with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel Peace Prize winner and President of Liberia since 2006, the first female head of state in Africa. She discusses her childhood; the coup d'état in Liberia; the Doe and Johnson dictatorships; her presidential campaigns and the power of women voters; her policies of ...


The Lives of Presidents

This resource is a web page containing an investigative task that involves the analysis of data. Data about Presidents of the United States of America in the form of a spreadsheet is provided. Create your own questions for inquiry the sort the spreadsheet by relevant criteria. A 'Getting started' and 'Solutions' page is ...