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Survivors of the sinking of HMAS Perth, 1942

Discover what happened to the sailors aboard the Royal Australian Navy's light cruiser HMAS Perth when it was torpedoed during a battle in the Sunda Strait on 28 February 1942 and sank shortly after midnight on 1 March. This program was broadcast on Anzac Day 2013. Watch and listen as three Perth survivors recall their ...


Christmas Crackers, 1945: Homecoming

This clip shows a silent amateur film re-enactment of the reunion of Mrs Isabel Sprod and her son George in December 1945 on his return from Changi where he had been a prisoner of war (POW). Scenes of preparation - Mrs Sprod repairing a fence, trimming the hedge and mopping the porch - interspersed with scenes of daughter ...


Christmas Crackers, 1945: Christmas Day at home

This silent black-and-white clip shows scenes of post-Second World War Christmas celebrations in 1945 at the Sprod home. The clip opens with scenes of men, probably brothers George and Dan Sprod, their brother-in-law Des Carter and uncle Stan Edwards, drinking beer, and then cuts to Kathleen Carter and Mary Edwards smoking ...


Red Cross Cinema Advertisement, c1941: The POW Street Adoption Scheme

This black-and-white clip from 1941 shows Queensland governor Sir Leslie Wilson delivering a community announcement in which he appeals to Queenslanders to support the Red Cross Prisoner of War Street Adoption Scheme. He is shown standing in a suburban Brisbane street and speaks directly to camera. The fixed camera first ...


WWII: witnessing the Holocaust

The resource contains personal accounts of persecution and genocide committed by the Nazi regime. It consists of broadcasts, a recording and documents. It includes 17 interviews with people who were survivors of concentration camps or were among the first to enter the camps after they were liberated. There are nine documents, ...

Interactive Resource

Interactive map of Auschwitz

This interactive map is about the evolution of the concentration camp complex at Auschwitz in Poland. It outlines the racial and biological basis of Nazi persecution, and traces the development of the camp established at Auschwitz. A series of maps and explanatory text describe: German territorial expansion by 1942; anti-Jewish ...

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British News No 1

This is a British News newsreel showing scenes of war and war-related activities from June 1940, in the days after the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk in World War II (1939-45). It contains five segments: King sees Sunday Arms Speed-up; River Plate Heroes in South Africa; Comforts for Our Men ...


Broome during World War II

This web site focusses on the events in Broome during World War II, in particular the air raids in 1942 and the aftermath. The site includes a virtual museum that includes photographs, newspaper articles, film clips and interviews for students to engage with historical information from a range of sources. The education ...