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Listed under:  Society  >  Citizenship  >  Civil rights  >  Privacy
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The census: a 'stocktake' of Australia's people

Heard of the national census? Find out about the survey carried out every five years, in which Australians across the country answer a range of questions about their lifestyle and beliefs. See how census results help the government work out how Australia is changing and where resources need to be allocated.


You Have No Secrets, 1992: Everybody knows about you

This clip shows how the accumulation of information by governments and business in the digital age can have a detrimental effect on one's personal privacy. A voice-over notes that 'in any sophisticated society information is power' and the clip includes music that builds in intensity, voice-over interviews, footage of computer ...

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Images and symbols for quick, persuasive power

What can you do in just a few minutes? Current affairs stories are only a few minutes long yet need to present an entire argument. Let's explore a story about digital footprints, to see how words and images are used to convey a lot of meaning in a short space of time.

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Internet privacy

Imagine if 60,000 people turned up to your birthday party! How would you convince your parents that it wasn't your fault? A good way would be to use evidence to make your argument credible, or believable. Watch how this clip, a news story about Facebook and internet privacy, carefully selects sources of information to make ...