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The Gough Whitlam saga

How do you make an entertaining documentary about a politician? Gough Whitlam was Labor prime minister from 1972-75 and has the distinction of being the only prime minister dismissed by the governor general. In this clip from a 2013 ABC 'News breakfast' program, filmmaker Paul Clarke discusses his interest in making a documentary ...

Moving Image

Rock 'n' roll and Gough Whitlam

How does a rock 'n' roll filmmaker tell the story of one of Australia's most controversial prime ministers? Listen as filmmaker Paul Clarke distinguishes himself from 'serious and worthy' documentary makers in his program about former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. This is the second clip in a series of two.

Interactive resource

Biography: Federation people: John Dunmore Lang

Investigate the prominent Presbyterian minister John Dunmore Lang's role in the move towards Federation. Examine two different types of biographies of Lang: one short and the other more detailed. Inspect examples of how he was visually depicted in his time. This learning object is one in a series of objects in the 'Biography: ...


Divine Service - The House of Freedom Church, Brisbane, 1986: A church community

This clip shows part of an informal Christian service of the House of Freedom Church being held in a suburban home in Brisbane. Worshippers include young children, who are shown seating themselves on the floor in front of a low table on which are a wooden cross and flowers. Other participants are mainly young adults seated ...


Joe Leahy's Neighbours, 1988: 'Soot-blackened arrows'

The clip shows a village gathering of some of the Ganiga people in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Highlands. The father of a wounded man who had been shot by a Gaimelka man explains publicly why and how he will avenge his son if his son dies, despite his Catholic and Lutheran beliefs. The Lutheran pastor stands silently while ...


The Art of Healing, 2005: Jesus's belly button

This clip shows Eastern Arrernte women from the Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) community in central Australia talking about the murals they painted in the Santa Teresa church and the effect their paintings have had on their community and visitors to the church. Slow-moving close-up shots show sections of the murals in detail, ...


Soldiers of the cross

This is a hand-tinted image from a glass slide created for the 1900 silent era multimedia show 'Soldiers of the cross'. The image, which is taken from behind a large congregation kneeling before an illuminated cross, shows people dressed in robes, many as Romans in togas, with their attention directed towards the sky where ...


Pope Paul VI's visit to Australia

This is a photograph taken of Pope Paul VI on his visit to Australia in 1970. He is shown seated on a folding stool reading into a microphone on a stand. Across the mosaic inlay of the floor, we see the feet, lower limbs and garments of four other clergymen.


Pope Paul VI's visit to Australia, 1970

This is a black-and-white photograph of about 100 nuns and priests in an audience listening to an unseen speaker on the occasion of the first papal visit to Australia in 1970. The event is likely to have been the service given by Pope Paul VI on 2 December 1970 in the Sydney Town Hall.


Boys' Brigade, Canberra, 1957 - asset 1

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1957 of a Boys' Brigade meeting in Ainslie, a northern suburb of Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory. Members of the First Canberra Company of the Brigade are assembled in rows in the hall of the Church of Christ. On the left-hand side of the photo, reading to the ...


Boys' Brigade, Canberra, 1957 - asset 2

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1957 of the First Canberra Company of the Boys' Brigade, based at the Church of Christ in Ainslie, a northern suburb of Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory. The Company is doing parade practice in the church hall. The drummer in the dark uniform in the front, slightly ...


Girls' Life Brigade, Canberra, 1957

This is a black-and-white photograph of members of the Second Canberra Company of the Girls' Life Brigade attached to the Church of Christ in Ainslie, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, on an unidentified date in 1957. The Company members are parading in front of parents and other family in the church hall. The woman ...


Family at Christmas, 1958

This is a black-and-white photograph of a man with two infants near a Christmas tree, inside an unidentified house in Canberra in December 1958. The kneeling man, presumably the father, and a girl, seated, are watching as a boy on the floor unwraps a gift. On the Christmas tree are electric-powered lights, and a few other ...


'Altar, St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney', 1900-17

This is a black-and-white photograph from a silver gelatin dry-plate glass negative produced by the studio of Charles Kerry and Co, Sydney. Probably taken between 1900 and 1917, it shows one of the side altars in St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, New South Wales. The ornate altar is built in the gothic style and is decorated ...


'Prophet Isaiah, Apostle St Peter, Sundar Singh', 1936

This is a stained-glass window, designed in 1936 by Christian Waller (1894-1954) for a church in Bendigo, Victoria. The window is made up of three vertical panels, which measure 305 cm x 46 cm, 345 cm x 46 cm and 305 cm x 46 cm. Each panel features a single figure of a man, identified by a name that appears at the base ...


'Ancilla Domini', c1896

This is an oil painting on canvas made in Paris, around 1896, by Rupert Bunny (1864-1947). Measuring 100.3 cm x 110.4 cm, it shows an angel standing in front of a kneeling woman in a boldly coloured room. The angel is reaching out towards the woman with one hand, and holding a long stem of white lilies in the other. The ...


German Bible, 1848

This is a leather-bound Bible measuring 24.0 cm x 26.5 cm x 8.0 cm, printed in Old German and published in Germany in 1848.


Brass candlestick

This is a tapering, goblet-shaped brass candlestick with a design engraved around the top. It was brought to Australia by an Italian migrant, Filomena Cantone, but its date of manufacture is unknown. The candlestick is intact structurally, but is badly tarnished. It is 21 cm high.


Prison camp rosary, 1944

This is a rosary made from knotted string and with a silver coloured medallion of a saint tied to one end. Polish civilian Marian Szczepanowski made it in 1944 while he was imprisoned at Sachsenhausen concentration camp, north of Berlin, in Germany, during the Second World War.


Production still from 'Crusaders', 1997

This is a colour photograph of political candidate Nick Xenophon standing with colleagues on the steps of the South Australian Parliament building. Xenophon, at the front of the photograph, is laughing with director-cinematographer Catherine Marciniak, who has a camera resting on her shoulder. Marciniak and sound recordist ...