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Le Forgeron Marionettes, elephant, 1930-56

This is a handmade marionette of a domesticated elephant, covered in grey cloth and with movable legs, ears and trunk. It has glass eyes and is wearing a green fringed rug edged with silver sequins on its back and a matching head covering. Operating strings are attached to numerous parts, including the head, limbs and shoulders. ...


Le Forgeron Marionettes, knight, 1930-56

This is a handmade marionette of a medieval knight wearing armour on his arms, legs, feet and torso. He has a matching hat. The armour is made of silver-coloured cardboard with black detailing, and underneath it the knight wears a blue tunic. The knight has pronounced facial features with a very large chin, nose and cheekbones. ...


Le Forgeron Marionettes, Arabian sultan, 1930-56

This is a handmade marionette of an Arabian sultan. He wears a yellow shirt, a green embroidered jacket, red pants, a black embroidered cummerbund and a multi-coloured turban. He has a painted face, hands and feet (with painted slippers), and black woolly hair poking out from under his turban. Operating strings are attached ...


Le Forgeron Marionettes, beagle 1930-56

This is a handmade marionette of a beagle, covered in white and tan cloth, and with weighted feet. Operating strings are attached to the head and rump. It was part of Le Forgeron Marionettes, an Australian puppet theatre company that operated from 1930 until 1956.


Le Forgeron Marionettes, Spanish lady, 1930-56

This is a handmade marionette of a female Spanish dancer. The puppet wears a long-sleeved, ankle-length dress made of yellow satin with black lace trimming along the hem. Over this she wears a black satin bustier, and has a black lace shawl draped over her head and shoulders. She wears a pink flower in her wavy brown hair ...


Props construction manager Al Martinez talking about the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, 2006

This is a video about the construction of the eel and fish puppets for 'My skin, my life', part of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Al Martinez, the props construction manager, talks about the design process, from models and prototypes to his vision for the completed puppets. The duration of the video ...


Things with wings - The transformation of a toy duck, 2006

This is a video about the waddling duck puppet and other winged props used in the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Al Martinez (props construction manager) and Dan Potra (production designer) talk about the designs and show how they work. The duration is 1 min 16 sec.  


Video of puppeteer Dimitri Katsoulis at work in his studio, 2007

This is video footage of Dimitri Katsoulis, a master of Greek puppets. It shows him building shadow puppets in his home studio. The puppets are two-dimensional and brightly coloured. Katsoulis uses special tools to fasten arm and leg joints to one puppet, and then carefully adds colour to a second puppet. The footage was ...


Cinderella on Strings, c1947

This black-and-white clip features a filmed marionette production of Cinderella with piano accompaniment performed by an Australian marionette company in the 1940s. A male narrator and rotating cut-out scenes of a storybook version of Cinderella introduce the marionette production. A female narrator tells the story as the ...


Horace and Tina - Settling In, 2000: Stretching the sausages

This clip shows Lauren (Jasmine Ellis) being woken up by the puppet 'nelf' called Tina, who wants to help her sort out her life. Lauren resists. As they argue, Lauren is reminded of Horace, another nelf, and races downstairs to find him eating a string of sausages. A tug of war ensues as Lauren attempts to retrieve the ...

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Create a Thai-style shadow puppet

This is an activity consisting of a set of instructions to create a Thai-style shadow puppet. There are eight steps for students to follow, with links to two styles of template, which are used to make the puppets, to download. There is a linked video within the resource showing a Thai shadow-puppet performance. Additional ...

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Create Balinese shadow puppets

This is an activity consisting of a list of materials and a set of instructions for creating a Balinese shadow puppet. There are four steps of instruction for students to follow, with links to downloads for two styles of puppet template, as well as performance outlines for two plays. There is a linked video that shows a ...

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Musical fun with Fuzzy

This is a resource about making music through singing, speaking, moving, dancing, playing and creating. It includes two videos featuring Susie Davies-Splitter presenting some body and voice warm-up exercises, and exploring rhythm, pitch and movement with a Fuzzy the Clown pop-up puppet; two audio tracks; and a pop-up puppet ...

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Bunraku puppetry

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore Bunraku puppets and performances. The teacher notes provide background information about Bunraku puppetry, additional online resources and pedagogical advice. The stimulus resources consist of background information, ...