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BBC Bitesize: measures of average - revision

This is a set of illustrated information sheets that revise ideas about the statistical measures mean, mode, median and range. The methods of calculation are explained and the measures are used to demonstrate their usefulness in representing data sets. Examples with answers are included and students have access to a multiple-choice ...

Interactive Resource

Plop it!

This is an interactive resource about statistics that allows students to investigate the effect of different datasets on the mean, median and mode. The student can enter data by selecting the central graph section of the screen to add, remove or move blocks, or by typing into the text area of the screen. The three different ...

Teacher resource

ReSolve: What's In A Name

This sequence of two lessons examines trends in the names of students in the class, as well as trends in popular names from 2017 and 1957. Students explore data associated with these names and decide whether the mean, median or mode might be a suitable measure of central tendency. They develop their skills with spreadsheets ...