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Is reality TV 'real'?

How real is 'reality TV'? Is what we see on a show like 'Masterchef' or 'The Biggest Loser' reality? Or are these shows using a carefully contrived recipe to make us believe that what we are seeing is real? Discover what really goes on behind the scenes of reality TV and how 'reality' can be changed by careful editing.


Eco House Challenge - Emission Impossible, 2007: In a bind

This clip shows an excerpt from 'Eco House Challenge' in which the Shepherd family is challenged to cut down on its car usage and the Edwards family tries to reduce its energy consumption to meet the 'energy hot spot challenge'. Host Glenn Hall takes the wheel clamps off the Shepherds's car but says they must limit its ...


Eco House Challenge - Stop Your Gassing, 2007: Two Aussie families

This clip shows an opening sequence from 'Eco House Challenge' that introduces the Edwards and the Shepherds, the two families participating in the challenge to live in a more environmentally sustainable way, and their 'eco coach', Tanya Ha. Against a jazz soundtrack a narrator introduces the two families. Footage of the ...