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'Working together to save water' booklet, 2003

This illustrated 18-page booklet promotes water conservation. It was published in October 2003 by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment. On the blue-and-white cover, the title of the booklet, 'Working together to save water', is set against a background design of water rippling. At the bottom right ...


'Easy ways to be a water saver' brochure, 2003

This is a brochure promoting water conservation, published by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment in October 2003. The blue-and-white cover includes the title - 'Easy ways to be a water saver', a background design showing water rippling, and the Victorian Government's 'Our water our future' logo. ...


Toowoomba: the politics of recycling Water, 2007

In 2007, a referendum to use recycled in Toowoomba was defeated. This clip features an interview with the then-Water Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, conducted as part of 'Talkback classroom', a forum program run by the education section of the National Museum of Australia. Each year a series of forums is held, at which a panel ...

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Turning stormwater into groundwater

Imagine how much your life would change if your water supply ran out. Yet, when it rains, so much water is lost as it runs into stormwater drains. Watch as scientists talk about re-directing stormwater to recharge a groundwater aquifer. Listen as they describe how they can use a natural system to remove contaminants from ...

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From sewage to reclaimed water

Discover the benefits of recycling sewage, or waste water, to create 'reclaimed water'. View this clip called 'Reuse your pooh!', created by young reporters from Willunga Primary School, South Australia. The clip was developed as part of the ABC Splash Live 'Making the news!' project, which featured local sustainability ...

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Water recycling: productive use of wastewater

What are the options of reusing treated sewage instead of pumping it out to sea? Watch as the Wide Bay Water Corporation in Queensland describes how it has found new ways to use the wastewater to generate extra income and to attract new business to the region.

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From stormwater to drinking water

Imagine turning stormwater into drinking water by pumping it underground. Explore the possibilities with the CSIRO and Salisbury Council in Adelaide in a research project that uses natural processes to remove contaminants from the water. You'll see why this project is attracting international interest.

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Recycled water for everyday use

Imagine having water supplied to your home which includes recycled water. Discover how the Salisbury Council in Adelaide is supplying recycled water at a fraction of the cost to households and industry in order to reduce the city's reliance on the Murray River for water.

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Underground storage for recycled stormwater

How can we use recycled stormwater? See how a council in Adelaide, capital of the driest state in Australia, captures, purifies and stores stormwater underground before it's re-used. Listen to a wool processor describe how important this recycled water is to the success of his business.

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Water recycling: wastewater to wealth

Discover the real value of treated sewerage - it's not just dirty water! Watch as changes in regulations push a Queensland water authority to install a wastewater reuse system that plugs the drain to the sea. Marine life is protected and treated wastewater is redirected to more productive uses.

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Wastewater: treated well, it's not just a waste

This set of three short videos shows the treatment processes for wastewater in a first world community. Process engineers talk about wastewater and how they treat it.