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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Economy  >  Consumption  >  Consumer goods  >  Appliances  >  Refrigerators

Tin-plate toy refrigerator, c1955

This is a pink toy refrigerator, manufactured from tin plate by Exelo, Japan, around 1955. It is 25 cm high, 13 cm wide and 13 cm deep.


Publicity brochure for Frigidaire domestic refrigerators, 1950

This item is a 1950 brochure printed in Australia advertising 'Frigidaire' brand electric refrigerators. It is titled 'Your New Frigidaire Built and Backed by General Motors With Money-Saving Meter-Miser'. The brochure is one sheet folded in half and printed in several colours including blue, mustard and black on a white ...


Publicity brochure for Frigidaire domestic refrigerators, 1938

This is a colour brochure dating from 1938 that advertises the 'Frigidaire' brand electric refrigerators made by General Motors-Holden Ltd. Titled 'Frigidaire - Better than ever before!' the brochure features a white and blue background with black text and black-and-white photographs. The front features a hand-tinted photograph. ...


User manual for the 'Cold Flame' kerosene domestic refrigerator, c1950

This is a 32-page brochure dating from the 1940-50s, providing instructions for the installation, operation and maintenance of the 'Cold Flame' kerosene domestic refrigerator manufactured by Charles Hope Ltd. It also includes recipes. The brochure format is: width 180 mm, depth 5 mm, heigh: 240 mm, page size: 180 x 240 mm.

Teacher resource

IP in everyday life

This is an interactive resource about products that exist in everyday life that have protected intellectual property. The resource is presented as a timeline of one day, beginning at breakfast in the morning through until night. Interactive images appear as the mouse scrolls across the timeline. These images are linked ...