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Yorketown Post Office technology

This is a black-and-white photograph probably taken early in the 20th century inside the Yorketown Post Office in South Australia. It shows three men: one is using a typewriter, one identified as Tom Spender is using a morse key, and the third man is using a telephone at a small exchange.


Australia Post - The Last of the TPOs, 1956: History of the TPO service

This clip shows some of the history of Travelling Post Offices (TPOs), which were mobile post offices on trains. It opens with colour footage of manual mail sorting in a conventional mail centre in the 1980s. Historical photographs are then shown, accompanied by a voice-over explaining that the mid-19th-century demand for ...


Telegraph room, Adelaide General Post Office, 1902

This is a black-and-white photograph of the telegraph room at the Adelaide General Post Office in 1902. It is a long view of the high-ceilinged room holding four rows of desks with work spaces separated by low partitions. Male telegraph operators are sitting at many of the desks. On one side, natural light is coming through ...