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'A corrobery of natives in Mills Plains'

This is an oil painting by John Glover, set in the Tasmanian bush in the early 19th century and depicting a Tasmanian Aboriginal ceremony. In the gathering twilight, a group of people are dancing around a fire; others, some of them children, sit or stand close by. The work, which measures 56.5 cm x 71.4 cm, appears to depict ...


Corroboree, c1817

This is a 17.7 cm x 27.7 cm watercolour showing Indigenous Australian men at a moonlit, night-time corroboree around a central fire in a bush clearing. Five men are dancing in a line on one side of the fire, while another six men stand on the other side, all painted with white ochre ceremonial markings on their legs, arms ...


William Barak with a painting, 1902

This is a black-and-white photograph mounted on a postcard. It shows the Wurundjeri leader William Barak in 1902, posed with one of his paintings at the Aboriginal Reserve at Coranderrk, north-east of Melbourne, Victoria. The photograph's caption, not shown, is 'Barak, Chief of the Yarra Tribe (Barak drawing a corroboree)'. ...


Crocodile Dundee, 1985: 'You can't take my photograph'

This clip shows a night scene with Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski) and Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee (Paul Hogan) at their campsite. Neville Bell (David Gulpilil) appears through the trees wearing face and body paint. It is revealed that Neville is an Aboriginal mate of Mick's and is reluctantly on his way to a corroboree. Mick ...


Wiradjuri corroboree, 1847

This is a black-and-white pen drawing, made in April 1847, of a corroboree held by Wiradjuri people in the Wellington area of New South Wales. Men with stripes painted on their bodies, and possibly holding spears, are performing a dance in a forest clearing. In a separate group nearby are women and children. In the foreground ...


'Corroboree (Figures in possum skin cloaks)', 1885

This is a 19th-century painting of a corroboree by William Barak, who is recalling in old age the traditional ceremonies of his people. It shows 33 bearded Aboriginal men standing and possibly sitting in rows and wearing possum skin cloaks with geometrical designs on them. It has been made with a combination of traditional ...

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Twelve canoes: ceremony

This is a rich resource about the ceremonial activities of the Yolngu people of north-east Arnhem Land. Its centrepiece is a short film showing men and women engaged in ceremony, narrated by a Yolngu storyteller who describes how some ceremonies are open to all but others are restricted, and explains the purposes of various ...

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Balinese boar Barong dance performance

This resource is a video featuring a live performance of a traditional Balinese dance, a Calonarang, which is a dance ritual for the purpose of chasing away evil and purifying villages. The main focal point of the dance is the Barong, a protective diety of the Balinese culture. Barong can take on a variety of forms, and ...

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Balinese costumes

This is a video showing a traditional Balinese dancer performing the dance of the Condong or Divine Nymph. The sole dancer is accompianied by traditional music, and is filmed on a hand-held camera using a single shot in real time. There is a simple written description of the dance to support the video, which emphasises ...

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Bangarra Dance Theatre: 'Brolga'

This is a video of a contemporary dance created and performed by members of Bangarra Dance Theatre, which represents a contemporary rite of passage for a young woman and is inspired by a brolga plain in north-east Arnhem Land. The video is accompanied by information about the background and vision of the creative team under ...