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Child's rear-facing car safety seat, 1970

This is a black-and-white publicity photograph showing a child's rear-facing safety seat installed in the front seat of a car. The child is secured into his seat with a lap belt, facing backwards, while his father drives. The original negative is 103 mm wide and 100 mm high.


Safe-n-Sound baby safety capsule, 1986

This is a moulded-plastic baby safety capsule with carry handles manufactured by Safe-n-Sound, Australia, in 1986. It features nylon straps and buckles that can be used to fasten the capsule to a car seat. The interior of the capsule has a removable synthetic 'lamb's-wool' liner and a wide velcro-lined strap to hold the ...


'A motor ride' board game, 1930-50

This is an Australian-made and -designed board game for two, three or four players called 'A motor ride'. It was made by The National Game Company of Ballarat and Melbourne between 1930 and 1950. The game comprises a hinged board, instruction sheet (not shown), four coloured wooden counters, a die and cylindrical cardboard ...


Trumpet-shaped automobile horn, 1904

This is a trumpet-shaped automobile horn made from copper. The horn consists of a long pipe that spirals around to form an open, flaring head. A metal device is screwed on to the back section of the horn, which would have attached it to the car. The original rubber bulb is missing and there is some green corrosion that ...


Stackhat protective sports helmet, 1987

This is a yellow Stackhat protective sports helmet and box, manufactured from plastic and metal by Rosebank Products, Victoria, in 1987.


Pedestrian crossing button, 1984

This is an audio-tactile pedestrian detector (ATPD) crossing button, manufactured from plastic and metal in an ovoid shape, designed by David Wood, Nielsen Design Associates, Australia. A round silver button is at the top, and silver arrow pointing down at the bottom, both of which are raised so that they are easy to find.


Roadside posts and samples made from Husk-I-Bond, 2001

These are two roadside guide posts and two samples made from the composite material Husk-I-Bond by Biocon Ricegrowers' Cooperative, New South Wales, in 2001. One of the samples is a flat disk labelled 'BIOCON MANUFACTURING'. The other sample is a short section from a roadside post. Both of the guide posts and one of the ...


Britax Integra bicycle helmet, 1991

This is a 'Britax Integra' bicycle helmet designed by Peter Bailey Engineering in 1988 and made by Britax Child-Care Products in 1991. The helmet has a blue and white plastic shell with ventilation spaces, a white foam inner and black chin straps. The helmet is accompanied by a cardboard box, a brochure, three replacement ...

Moving Image

Speeding: a little is a lot

As the speed of a car increases, the amount of energy also increases. When speeds above 60 km per hour are reached, the risk of crashing increases exponentially. Watch this animated road safety clip to discover how speed impacts on reaction time and braking distance, increasing the rate of crash risk.

Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: rules and laws

Find out why societies need laws by interacting with a slideshow of images and text presenting the development of road rules. Complete a related task.


General Motors-Holden's - Australia's Ideal Family Car, c1957

This clip shows a 1957 black-and-white television advertisement with music and narration promoting the Holden FE. In the opening scene, a woman drives her children to the chemist. In the next scene recirculating ball bearings in the steering box are depicted in isolation from the car. Profile and front-on shots of a parked ...


Inclines - mathematics activities

This photograph of a road sign suggests investigations of the different indicators of slope used in our environment. It may lead to explorations of trigonometric relationships in relation to gradient. Teachers are encouraged to scan all the ideas suggested here as relevant to the various year level groupings, as there is ...


Policewoman on a crossing - asset 2

This is a photograph taken in 1950 of a Sydney policewoman apparently on point duty stopping traffic. Behind her are a York Street double-decker bus and a tram.


Schoolchildren direct pedestrian traffic, Sydney, 1959

This is a photograph of a primary schoolgirl patrolling a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Market and Pitt streets in Sydney in 1959. A crowd of pedestrians stand at the intersection outside Shirley's, a shoe store, waiting to be ushered across.


Road safety lesson in Sydney, 1950

This is a black-and-white photograph of a policewoman holding a poster and teaching road safety to a group of children who are sitting on the floor of their classroom.


Pontiac roadster car, 1927

This is a black-and-white photograph of Mrs Adele Mildenhall standing next to a new Pontiac roadster car with Mr Ivo Smith at the wheel. The photograph was taken in 1927 by Adele's husband, Jack Mildenhall.


Vehicles used on Snowy Mountains Scheme, 1954

This is a black-and-white photograph of a man beside an FX Holden car and a Mighty Antar truck inside a transport maintenance depot for the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. The truck has a sign attached to its bumper bar stating 'DANGER WIDE LOAD FOLLOWING'. Part of the depot’s wall can be seen, including an automated ...


Policeman photographing traffic offence, 1948

This is a black-and-white photograph taken on acetate film in 1948. It shows a traffic policeman on a motorbike photographing cars driving three abreast as they approach the top of Oliver's Hill on the Nepean Highway at Frankston, Victoria. A fourth car precedes them up the hill. On the left, the road has a wide gravel ...


Audio-tactile pedestrian detector button

This is an audio-tactile pedestrian detector (ATPD) button fixed to a vertical pole. The button itself is large and silver. Above the button, on a black cast-aluminium casing, is a broad silver arrow pointing upwards. Superimposed on this arrow is a smaller, raised arrow that also points upwards. In the background is an ...


Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System - asset 1

This is a colour photograph showing part of the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS). A busy Sydney city street scene can be seen, with lines of traffic surrounded by multistoreyed buildings and two green traffic lights in the left foreground.