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Moving Image

Speeding: a little is a lot

As the speed of a car increases, the amount of energy also increases. When speeds above 60 km per hour are reached, the risk of crashing increases exponentially. Watch this animated road safety clip to discover how speed impacts on reaction time and braking distance, increasing the rate of crash risk.


Policeman photographing traffic offence, 1948

This is a black-and-white photograph taken on acetate film in 1948. It shows a traffic policeman on a motorbike photographing cars driving three abreast as they approach the top of Oliver's Hill on the Nepean Highway at Frankston, Victoria. A fourth car precedes them up the hill. On the left, the road has a wide gravel ...


Policeman photographing accident scene, 1948

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken on acetate film, of a traffic accident in Victoria in 1948. Two utilities are involved. One vehicle is stationary in the middle of the left lane, and the other vehicle is in front of it at a right angle. A motorcycle traffic policeman is taking a photograph of the skid marks, ...


Midwives ... Lullabies ... and Mother Earth, 1993: Midwives turned into witches

This clip shows natural birth pioneer Dr Michel Odent explaining his view about the adverse changes that occurred in the birthing process during the 17th century when doctors became involved. Footage of Dr Odent is interspersed with a series of woodcuts showing women in various birthing positions. A female voice-over narrates ...


Carcrash, 1995: Surviving an accident

This clip shows interviews with people talking about how car accidents have affected their lives. A young man, who caused an accident, reveals his anger at a doctor's suggestion that he was a 'bloody idiot', but also expresses gratitude towards the same doctor for making him determined to walk again. A young woman who was ...


Billal, 1996: Circumstances lead to a car accident

This clip shows Linc Beswick explaining what happened when the car he was driving ran over a Lebanese-Australian teenager. Images of the housing estate in south-western Sydney where both live, a damaged house and the accident scene are interspersed with Beswick's account of how the 'Lebs' damaged the house, frightened him ...


Mum's the Word, 2003: 'How extraordinary we are'

This clip shows a lively and unselfconscious discussion among a group of five women about childbirth and partners' reactions to changes in women's bodies during and after childbirth. Led by the presenter, the women first describe their reaction to the experience of childbirth and the closer bond they feel with their own ...

Interactive resource

The Sven Callaway Show: parenting

Watch a talk show host interviewing people about parenting issues: students, health experts and a studio audience. Look at fertility treatment, sex roles, custody, birthing choices and family relationships. Explore a range of opinions including 'way out' ideas. Notice how people interpret facts differently. Research a topic, ...

Interactive resource

Zou ba! Calendars: birthdays

Explore how to ask a person if it is their birthday today. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.

Teacher resource

Collisions and biomechanics lesson

This lesson plan investigates ways in which automobile manufacturers seek to reduce injuries that occur in car accidents. Students note the effects of car accidents on human bodies, the factors that influence the type and severity of injuries, and the safety ratings of vehicles in which they travel regularly. The resource ...