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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Engineering  >  Construction  >  Road construction

Steam road-roller made by Aveling and Porter, 1922-23

This is a Type D steam road-roller, manufactured from metal by Aveling and Porter in 1922-23. It is similar in appearance to a traction engine, but instead of two front wheels it has two wide rollers set closely together. The two rear wheels have broad flat tyres and act as rear rollers. It features a side-by-side compound ...


Bullock team moving a road roller, 1880-1900

This is a black-and-white photograph from a silver gelatin full-plate glass negative produced by the studio of Henry King, Sydney. It shows a bushland scene. In the centre a man is tending to a team of bullocks pulling a road roller. The image is titled 'Bullock team'. The caption, studio number and studio mark are inscribed ...


Construction of streets in Canberra, 1928

This is a black-and-white photograph of streets being constructed with a T-intersection in Canberra. The worksite includes construction vehicles and temporary buildings. A man is walking on a section that appears to be pegged out for a footpath and ruts indicate that the street is already being used.


The Battle for Byron, 1996: Environment versus progress

This clip shows Christina Khumari, a jeweller, arriving at the block of land where she is building her house from recycled materials. Christina explains her concern about a recent council decision to allow mining at a nearby quarry. The quarry would provide gravel for roads into new subdivisions within the area. Interviews ...


Construction of Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1931: Asphalt and concrete

This clip shows the final stages in the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1931 - the completion and sealing of the Bridge deck. The clip opens with the asphalt road surface being prepared. The next scene shows the appearance of the deck before concreting and asphalting, followed by scenes of concrete being made ...