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Diprotodon: fossils and extinction

When did Diprotodon die out? To answer this question, teams of scientists and volunteers are working together to excavate Diprotodon bones and study the landscape where they're found. Go on the road with Catalyst to the 'badlands' of South Australia and investigate the evidence behind Diprotodon extinction.

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Fossils: stories in the rock

Come on a journey with young scientist Alex Jaeger as he tells us about fossils found along the Jurassic Coast in Victoria. Find out how the area's landscape and ecosystem have changed over time. Alex explains how fossils are formed and what they reveal about Australia's past in his 2013 Sleek Geeks Eureka Science Schools ...

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The secret of Itsall Mine

Enter a mineshaft to explore rock layers and fossils. Use geological tools and instruments to find a lost fossil. Gather, analyse and date rock samples. Get passwords by solving geological puzzles.

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Get into geology [Windows version]

Explore a range of tools and instruments used by geologists. Test physical and chemical properties to identify rock types. Explore the formation of rocks such as marble, mudstone, shale and granite. This learning object is a combination of three objects in the same series.

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Get into geology: superposition puzzle

Position jigsaw pieces to complete a diagram of sediment layers. Explore the formation of rocks such as marble, mudstone, shale and granite. Look at the effects of erosion on rock layers. This learning object is one in a series of three objects.

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Fossils and the evolution of life

Have you ever wondered how scientists know when the early mammals appeared on Earth, or how long ago dinosaurs died out? Watch this clip to discover the role of fossils, and the rocks they are found in, in revealing the order and history of life on Earth. This clip takes you to fossil sites in Queensland; and to Shark Bay ...

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Formation of ancient rock layers

Discover how our understanding of rocks has developed over time and the role played by mining. The way rocks are formed, and what they are composed of, tells us a lot about what has occurred on Earth in the past. Watch this clip to find out about the formation of ancient rock layers, and what we find inside very old rocks.

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Earth rocks

Explore how forces and energy are continually shaping and changing the Earth's surface. Find out about fast and slow changes and the connection between them first observed by English scientist Charles Lyell. Discover the Earth's age, how rocks form, what they contain, and what they reveal about the Earth's long history.