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Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Painting  >  Rock paintings

'Dream time - nightmare time' cartoon by Michael Atchison, the Adelaide Advertiser, 2007

This black-and-white cartoon by Michael Atchison comments on the Northern Territory Emergency Response or 'intervention'. On the left, it depicts Aboriginal rock art above the caption 'DREAM TIME'. On the right, under the caption 'NIGHTMARE TIME', it depicts images with labels such as 'ABUSE', 'PORN', 'GROG', 'DRUGS' and ...


A Big Country - Peninsula People, 1968: The spirit people

This clip shows rock art expert Percy Trezise describing and interpreting Aboriginal rock art at the Split Rock gallery in Queensland. The clip opens with footage of a group of men walking along the escarpment to the rock gallery. Shots of Trezise in close-up precede a panning shot of the gallery showing the range of overlapping ...


Out of Darkness, 1984: Stencil art

This clip shows rock art at Carnarvon Gorge in southern Queensland, where the major landmarks were centres of religious and ceremonial life for the local Aboriginal people. The ochre stencils on the walls of Cathedral Cave in the Gorge portray artefacts and weaponry such as lil-lils and other kinds of boomerangs. Grahame ...


'The dawn of art', 1880s

This is a set of six drawings by the Aboriginal artists Ilontereba, Mindilpilpil and Billiamook. The set is prominently titled 'THE DAWN OF ART' with smaller text stating that it shows 'Original Sketches and Drawings by Aboriginal Natives of the Northern Territory of South Australia executed without the aid of a master. ...


Out of Darkness, 1984: Bark burials

This clip shows that Aboriginal artistic traditions have an important place in the burial of the dead. In the clip, Grahame Walsh says that the central Queensland sandstone belt is well known for its mortuary culture. Walsh describes a burial process in the Carnarvon region in which skeletal remains were wrapped in a bark ...


Message Stick - Scotty Martin, 2005: Wandjina

This clip shows Nyalgodi Scotty Martin, an Indigenous songman, providing an explanation of rock art depicting Wandjina in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The camera pans across the rock face to show the figures and images depicted in red ochre pigments. Martin points out the images and explains their significance ...

Still Image

Alec Mingelmanganu, 'Wandjina', c1980

This is a painting by Wunambal artist Alec Mingelmanganu (1905-81) depicting Wanjina, creator beings of the Dreaming in the Kimberley. The painting is shown as an enlargeable image and in a video. Text onscreen and the video soundtrack gives information about Mingelmanganu’s life and paintings and describe the idiosyncratic ...