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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Number (Mathematics)  >  Numeral systems  >  Bases (Numeral systems)  >  Decimal numeral system  >  Roman numerals
Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Number (Mathematics)  >  Numeral systems  >  Place value  >  Bases (Numeral systems)  >  Decimal numeral system  >  Roman numerals

MathXplosion, Ep 22: How to communicate numbers with Roman numerals

Explore an alternative way to communicate numbers using the anchor numbers 5 and 10 and the ancient Roman counting system based on letters. Roman numerals were used throughout Europe well into the middle ages and still appear in the names of monarchs, the production year of films, on buildings and on timepieces.


TIMES Module 5: Number and Algebra: using place value to write numbers - teacher guide

This is a 16-page guide for teachers. a module that introduces place value.


TIMES Module 1: Number and Algebra: counting and place value - teacher guide

This is a 16-page guide for teachers. It is a module introducing the concept of place value.