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Circulatory system

This collection of 12 digital curriculum resources comprises learning objects, videos and images that describe the structure and function of various components of the circulatory system, such as the kidneys, heart and blood. Some diseases affecting the circulatory system, including heart and kidney disease, are demonstrated, ...

Interactive resource

Forensic science: blood

Find out how blood samples at crime scenes are compared with known blood types to identify suspects. Look at a table showing percentages of blood types in the Australian population. See how antibodies and antigens are used to identify blood types. Test a blood sample and identify its type. Answer questions about differences ...

Interactive resource

Take a deep breath

Watch what happens inside the human body during physical activity. Look at diagrams of the human circulatory and respiratory systems. Explore the functions of major organs and tissues. Examine animations showing how a person breathes and how the heart pumps blood around the body. Predict the effects of walking or running ...