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Spectators at the 1913 Hobart regatta

This is a short excerpt from a 1913 silent black-and-white newsreel, entitled 'Hobart Regatta 1913'. It shows a group of young men joking with one another on a jetty with women and children standing behind them. One child in a distinctive cap appears occasionally in the foreground peering intently towards the camera. Mount ...


Boats at the 1913 Hobart regatta

This is a short excerpt from a 1913 silent black-and-white newsreel, entitled 'Hobart Regatta 1913'. It begins with a brief shot of a man smoking a pipe as he doffs his cap to the camera, followed by a scene of a motor launch with many children and several adults on board. Different boats are then shown, including a large ...

Interactive resource

Weather wear [includes spoken instructions]

Listen to a weather report on a radio. Dress a character in clothing suited to the weather conditions predicted. Sail in a yacht race.


Australian Navy: Destroyers, c1930: 'Attack with torpedoes'

This black-and-white silent clip shows a training exercise featuring the launching of torpedoes armed with dummy warheads from a Royal Australian naval destroyer, the missiles being retrieved and a spare torpedo being winched on board from a depot ship while at sea. Several torpedoes are shown being launched in real time ...


'The exploits of the 'Emden'', 1928

This still image is from the 1928 film 'The exploits of the ''Emden'''. This image shows naval ratings (non-commissioned sailors) manning the gun on the Australian battle cruiser 'HMAS Sydney', which sank the German cruiser 'Emden' near the Cocos Islands in 1914. The image has been signed with the words 'Remembrance of ...


A motor launch works at Hobart in 1913

This is a short excerpt from a silent 1913 black-and-white newsreel, entitled 'Hobart Regatta 1913', comprising a slow pan by a hand-held camera of a section of Hobart's River Derwent, where various boats appear to be under construction or repair. The scene includes Abel's Motor Launch Works with a motor launch and a couta ...


'Follow the sun', 1938 - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white documentary with soundtrack entitled 'Follow the sun'. It was made on the Great Barrier Reef, off Queensland, by Australian filmmaker Frank Hurley in 1938. The clip opens with a sequence showing tourists disembarking from an ocean liner via a companionway down to a waiting launch. ...


The Ship That Shouldn't Have, 1984: Sailing the high seas

This clip shows crew members aboard the Cheynes 2, a steam-powered ex-whaling vessel, on a scientific expedition. The ship is sailing from remote Heard Island to Albany in Western Australia. The captain, Laurie McEwan, is interviewed and describes the achievement of rigging the ship with makeshift sails after the fuel ran ...


Bigger than Texas, 1992: Alan Bond

This clip shows businessman Alan Bond bringing the America's Cup yachting trophy to Western Australia in 1983. It includes news footage and commentary that indicate the euphoria generated by the America's Cup win, including the huge crowds that turned out to see the Cup arriving in Perth. The clip includes journalist Jenni ...