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Angst, 1993: Recollection of childhood

This clip shows three Jewish comedians, Sandy Gutman, Deb Filler and Moshe Waldoks, talking about their lives and work via on-camera interviews and through examples of their comedy. They refer to their childhood experiences, and elements of their Jewish heritage and recent history, particularly the Holocaust, are described. ...

Moving Image

iPads in my Japanese classroom: Oakleigh Primary School

This National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) resource is a short online video focusing on the use of iPads in enhancing learning motivation amongst language students. Pitched at language teachers in general, it offers support in coping with disengaged learners, promoting ICT as the means to do this. ...


What grade are you in?

This collection of digital and printable resources introduces students to asking about and saying where they go to school and what grade they are in. It provides pronunciation drills followed by matching and write-in exercises that focus on using the vocabulary in basic sentences. It also includes a game to discover a secret ...


Revision: school

This collection of digital and printable resources revises the vocabulary and language functions used in salutations and personal introductions, inclusive of name, age, place of residence and school grade. It provides exercises that require students to apply knowledge in both set conversations and their own, as well as ...

Assessment resource

Foundation/Prep history assessment - Exploring my family history

This is an assessment package that uses the Foundation Australian Curriculum history achievement standard to gather evidence about how well students have demonstrated what they know, what they understand and what they can do in relation to the topic 'Personal and Family Histories'. Children investigate their family history ...

Teacher resource

Eight Ways of Learning

The teacher explains the value of the '8 [Aboriginal] Ways of Learning' framework, which includes eight interconnected pedagogies. The framework is particularly relevant to her school because of the large numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The framework has been designed to respond to their learning ...