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Listed under:  Sets (Algebra)

Mathematical relations

This learning object introduces students to the mathematical concept of a relation and presents different ways of representing such mappings between two sets of objects.

Teacher resource

Starting Smart: how are problems solved? - years 4-6

This curriculum resource package is a ten-week teaching plan and set of supporting resources for the middle to upper primary years, focusing on developing students' problem-solving skills. Beginning with students' understanding and knowledge of number, students learn strategies to use number sentences to solve problems ...

Moving Image

Comparing and classifying

Explore numbers with Flynn and Dodly as they compare their marble collection, dinosaur toys and the noses on Dodly's pictures. Who has more? Who has less? Who has the same? These are questions often asked during an ordinary day. Help Flynn work out how many dinosaurs Dodly has in his bag. Use the clues that Dodly gives Flynn.