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Shark teeth

This is an information sheet about different types of fossil shark teeth that are occasionally found on Victorian beaches. It is also available as a one-page pdf file for download.

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Observing a shark

Don Spencer shows us one of the world's most fearsome creatures, the white pointer shark. Take a close look at the shark's teeth and jaws. Discover how the shark moves so quickly underwater.

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A song about 'Aussie sharks'

Do you know any songs about Australian animals? Listen to this song about sharks performed by Don Spencer. Watch some sharks as they roam the ocean.

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Tagging the great white shark

Great white shark sightings off the Australian coastline create a lot of interest and debate. Would it help if we had a way of knowing where these sharks are? In this clip, hear from shark biologist Dr Rachel Robbins, who discusses acoustic (sound)tagging technology. Discover some of the issues of using this technology ...


The Sharkcallers of Kontu, 1982: 'Special power'

This clip depicts shark calling on New Ireland in Papua New Guinea. A Kontu villager sits in front of his house and expresses his fear that the skill of calling the sharks for men to kill has been lost with the death of the last shark caller. A young man is then shown at sea in a narrow outrigger canoe, thumping the water ...


Great white shark attacking

This colour image is a photograph of a great white shark ('Carcharodon carcharias') breaking the surface of the water as it attacks a small prey species. The shark has a grey dorsal surface (back), a white underbelly and sharp triangular upper teeth.


Animal weapons: shark

This is a colour clip showing different types of sharks including the blacktip reef shark ('Carcharhinus melanopterus') swimming among and feeding on a variety of fish. Sharks use many different senses, both long-range and short-range, to detect and capture their prey in the marine environment. The effective use of these ...


'What a day', 1939 - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white silent fictional film entitled 'What a day', about a woman called June, and two men who love her, Paul and Tony. The action takes place on Curl Curl beach in Sydney. The first scene in the excerpt shows a lifesaver raising the alarm that a swimmer (June) is in trouble. The belt-and-reel ...


Sharks off the Kimberley coast, 1997

This is a colour photograph showing, in the foreground, two sharks swimming along the shoreline of a remote cove on the northern coast of Western Australia. In the middle ground are two dinghies. In the background are the sandy beaches and the eroded rocks of the cove.


Australia Today - Man-Eater, 1939: 'Silent terror of the deep'

This clip shows lifesaving practices on a busy Sydney beach in the 1930s, and includes an intertitle describing sharks as the 'silent terror of the deep'. Footage of lifesaving equipment on the beach is shown as the narrator describes the beach, lifesaving practices and the dangers of the surf. Towards the end of the clip ...


Australia Today - Man-Eater, 1939: Hunting shark

This clip shows an intertitle stating that thousands of pounds are spent each year to protect the public from shark attack even though the chances of an attack are '10,000,000 to 1'. A narration accompanies the footage, which shows Coogee Beach in New South Wales, its shark-proof enclosure, and fishermen on a fishing trawler. ...

Interactive resource

Flow of energy: seagrass

Use this tool to create a diagram that shows the flow of energy within a seagrass ecosystem. Select and position appropriate items of a food chain, symbols, lines and text boxes to build an energy diagram. You can use the images from the tool or import your own images.

Interactive resource

Population modeller: seagrass

Use this tool to model what happens to the populations of a seagrass ecosystem over time when one component of the ecosystem is increased or decreased. Record both your ideas and the results you observe.

Interactive Resource

Ultimate sharks

This is an iPad app about ten of the most deadly predators in the shark family, including the Great White, Tiger, and Bull sharks. The app contains more than 75 screens of rich content about the sharks' structural features, abilities, characteristics, habitats, predation tactics, and attacks on humans. The screens include ...


Skin and scales, feathers and fur

This collection of media resources focuses on the features of a variety of animals and how these features help the animals meet their needs for food, shelter and safety from predators.

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Storyline Online: Clark the shark by Bruce Hale

Clark is a shark with zing, bang, and boom. Clark zooms into school, crashes through the classroom, and is rowdy at recess. Clark loves life – but when his enthusiasm is too much for his friends, Clark’s teacher, Mrs. Inkydink, helps him figure out a way to tone it down. Clark the Shark celebrates boisterous enthusiasm ...