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Listed under:  Sheep industry

The post-war wool boom, 1947

'The post-war wool boom' is an excerpt from the film 'Men and Mobs' (20 min), produced in 1947. Sheep and the Australian economy cannot be separated. 'Men and Mobs' relates the growth of Australia's flocks, starting with the few Spanish merinos that John Macarthur mated to the progeny of Indian sheep brought out by founder ...


'The farmer's flock', 1884-1917

This is a black-and-white photograph from a silver gelatin dry-plate glass negative produced by the studio of Charles Kerry and Co, Sydney. It was taken sometime between 1884 and 1917, and depicts a farmer herding a flock of sheep along a country road. The caption, studio number and studio mark are inscribed on the reverse ...


'Watering sheep in the interior', c1890

This is a full plate glass negative entitled 'Watering Sheep in the Interior'. It was taken by Sydney photographic studio Kerry and Co between 1884 and 1917. The silver gelatin dry plate glass negative depicts sheep in a flat rural area where much of the land has been cleared. Large numbers of sheep are assembled on two ...


'A Modern Australian Shearer', 1884-1917

This full plate glass negative was taken by sydney photographic studio Kerry and Co at some stage between 1884 and 1917. It depicts a young man in pants, kerchief, shirt, vest and hat on a bicycle. There is a bag draped over the bicycle and a dog sits beside it. The caption, studio number and studio mark are inscribed on ...


Grazing sheep, 1880-1920

This is a full plate glass negative of sheep grazing in a paddock beside a road. There is evidence of severe erosion of a creek bank in the foreground, and hills are visible in the distance. The caption, studio number and studio mark are inscribed on the reverse of the negative, but are scratched out. 'Kerry Photo Sydney' ...

Moving Image

Feeding sheep on native fodder

Find out how Western Australian farmer Don Nairn, with a bit of help from CSIRO scientist Dr Dean Revell, is protecting his farmland from wind erosion and at the same time gaining a new kind of food for his sheep.



This collection of nine digital curriculum resources focuses on the work of shepherds in 19th-century Australia before the introduction of fenced paddocks made their job redundant. The collection is organised into six categories: watching the flock by day; moving sheep into the fold for the night; huts and watchboxes; caring ...


National parks: Flinders Ranges

This is a colour clip showing the landscapes, history, flora and fauna of the Flinders Ranges National Park in South Australia. The clip opens with a description of pastoral expansion from the 1850s, followed by scenes of wildlife and river red gums. It then describes how Wilpena Pound was occupied by graziers during a ...


'Has your kitchen gone to war?'

This is a black-and-white poster entitled 'HAS YOUR KITCHEN GONE TO WAR?' and with a message in bold print at the bottom, 'BUY LAMB and help to win the War in your Kitchen'. The text is a message from the Commonwealth Government, urging the Australian housewife to buy surplus lamb in order to reserve beef for export to ...


Counting out the shorn sheep in 1920

This is an excerpt from documentary footage from 1920 showing scenes near Gundagai, New South Wales. An intertitle reads: 'Shearing in the Gundagai District (Counting Out).' The footage shows men letting shorn sheep out of a pen and counting them as they go through a narrow opening.


Department of Commerce poster, 1942

This is a black-and-white poster from the Second World War encouraging readers to serve Australian lamb, bacon, apples and pears, dairy produce and wine at their dinner tables to support the war effort. The poster was issued by the Department of Commerce, and produced by the Commonwealth Advertising Division in 1942. The ...


A Geraldton homestead in 1929

This is an excerpt from a 6-minute silent documentary entitled 'The new nor' west', filmed in 1929. The opening intertitle reads 'A stately homestead nestling benignly on the bosom of this fertile domain'. The first scene shows two women and three men in the grounds of the Newmarracarra homestead near Geraldton, Western ...


Drovers resting with their sheep, Riverina, 1947

This is a black-and-white photograph of two drovers drinking tea around a small campfire with their dogs near them and their horses, wagon and sheep in the background. Between the drovers is a tuckerbox (food container) with its contents spread out in front. Attached to the back of the photograph is a typewritten note, ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. I', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 15.8 cm x 24.4 cm showing gently undulating grassland and narrow bands of trees. A group of cows is being herded by a mounted man to a lower area behind a hill, possibly towards a small group of huts that can be glimpsed in the middle ground. The artist, Duncan Cooper, included this painting ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. II', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 16 cm x 24.5 cm showing the Victorian squatting runs Challicum and Yalla-y-poora from a south-south-westerly viewpoint. In the midground is the yellow grassland of the Fiery Creek plains, gum trees dot the countryside and the distant bluish mountain is Mount Weejort. Two emus are shown in ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. III', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 16 cm x 24.5 cm showing the Victorian squatting run Challicum, from a south-westerly viewpoint. A team of four bullocks, pulling a single-axle wagon loaded with fuel and rough bush timber, is centred in front of a large forest. Two unidentified mountains or hills are on the horizon. The artist, ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. IV', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 15.9 cm x 24.3 cm showing yellowed pasture backed by gum trees. A herd of cows with calves is grazing both in the foreground fields and the background timber. A small hill, part of the Challicum Hills, rises from the trees on the right. The artist, Duncan Cooper, included this painting as ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. V', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 16.6 cm x 25.7 cm showing a mounted man, possibly the squatter Harry Thomson. Two dogs run behind him as he rides along a meandering trail left by wagon wheels. Forests stretch away behind and native gums dot the Challicum Hills which rise out of the forest treetops. The artist, Duncan Cooper, ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. VI', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 17.2 cm x 26.2 cm showing the twin peaks of Mount Langi Ghiran rising behind the smaller tip of Conical Hill. Two distant mountains on the right are Ben Nevis and Mount Buangor. A camp of Indigenous Djapwurrong people, consisting of two bark and wood dwellings, is situated on the edge of ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. VII', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 15.7 cm x 24.4 cm, showing a mounted man herding a small group of cows past scattered native bush and trees, beneath the backdrop of the Mount Cole ranges. The artist, Duncan Cooper, included this painting as the fifteenth watercolour in his field sketchbook and inscribed the title 'Panorama ...