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Evolving English: the role of social media

How many times have you heard teenagers berated for using the term 'like'? Yet this term has existed at least since 1586 when the term, 'Yon man is like out of his mind' was written into history. The truth is, our language is constantly evolving, with new words added, others dying off and some resurfacing again. In this ...

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Fast trains

A proposed fast train route between Sydney and Canberra could cut down rail travel times from nearly five hours to one. The project is costly and won't be available for about 20 years. Will the economic, social and environmental benefits of such a project be worth the costs?

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Virtually avoiding disaster

Sharing experiences, photographs and opinions via social media has taken the world by storm. In this clip from 2013, we see social media networks being embraced by a new set of users who believe that it can save lives during natural disasters. But should we be concerned about their potential for misuse?

Teacher resource

The me generation - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explains how a focus on advertising, using examples from the present and the past, can deepen student understanding of identity, the influence of the media, body image and new technologies. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.

Teacher resource

Gender representation in the media - unit of work

In this unit of work, students examine and analyse how gender has been constructed in advertising and across a range of media over time, and the consequent stereotyping of both male and female identities. Students deconstruct the way the media and advertising appeal to and target young people as a lucrative market, and ...


A dentist's spittoon, 1930s

This is a dentist's spittoon, or cuspidor, made in Germany in the 1930s.


Good Girls Do Swallow, 2000: Weighing into the argument

This clip shows teenage girls and women discussing weight, dieting and body image. Presenter Rachael Oakes-Ash recalls her own experiences of being weighed at the beginning of each term in high school in voice-over to a re-creation of the scene. Oakes-Ash is shown talking to a group of teenage girls, most of whom admit ...


Age Before Beauty, 1980: Fear of ageing

This clip shows three women of different ages commenting on how they feel about ageing and whether society values older men more than older women. The interviews were conducted during the International Women's Day march in Sydney in 1980. The responses of the women to ageing range from a concern about being 'a nuisance ...


Mum's the Word, 2003: 'How extraordinary we are'

This clip shows a lively and unselfconscious discussion among a group of five women about childbirth and partners' reactions to changes in women's bodies during and after childbirth. Led by the presenter, the women first describe their reaction to the experience of childbirth and the closer bond they feel with their own ...

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

In digestion

Follow the passage of food through the human body. Select foods and drinks and decide how to digest them. For example, choose to chew, to add saliva to the mouth or add gastric juices to the stomach. Watch how the body reacts to changes. Find out more about digestion along the way and answer questions.

Interactive Resource

Dash4Cache - Digital Citizenship

A page with a focus on geocaching and QR codes. Contains activities and links to stimulus material. One of a series of laptop-friendly digital citizenship resources.

Interactive Resource

Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is a suite of resources for Stage 5 students to support safe online behaviour. This resource includes game-based learning, lessons, videos, and parent and teacher support materials.

Interactive Resource

Netiquette: Digital Citizenship

A page with a focus on online behaviour and how others perceive you when social networking. Contains activities and links to stimulus material. One of a series of laptop-friendly, digital citizenship resources.

Interactive Resource

Digital friendships: Digital Citizenship

A resource for Stage 3 students with a focus on safe social networking and online chatting. Contains activities and links to stimulus material. Digital citizenship resource.