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'Jitterbugging in Negro juke joint', 1939

This is a black-and-white photograph showing African Americans at a roadside dance hall outside Clarksdale in Mississippi, USA, one Saturday evening in November 1939. Couples are jitterbugging to music from a jukebox while other people, mostly men, are standing around. The photograph was taken by Marion Post Wolcott.

Moving Image

Let the rhythm set you free

'Strictly Ballroom' is both a successful film and a popular musical. Both productions feature lots of fabulous dancing. As you watch this rehearsal for the musical, see if you can clap or tap along with the rhythm kept by the dancers. You can even try dancing along if you wish.

Interactive resource

Global workplace: civil engineer

Find out whether you are suited to working in another country as a civil engineer. Identify your job and lifestyle preferences. Compare your preferences with working conditions and cultural environments in other countries. For example, working hours for civil engineers are longer in some countries than others. Explore which ...

Interactive resource

Beth Murray: the people behind the Snowy Mountains Scheme

Help a young historian to make an exhibit celebrating 50 years since work started on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. Explore a timeline describing how people conceived, planned and built the ambitious project. Sort photos into three categories: visionaries, planners and workers. Write headings and scene descriptions ...


Fashionista - Mambo, 2003: Surfie chic

This clip shows artist Robert Moore in his studio explaining to interviewer Lee Lin Chin how he began working for the surfwear company Mambo. As he talks, there is footage of him sketching cars and footage of Mambo designs, the Mambo work team and surfing. Surf music and a rhythmical music soundtrack accompany the visuals. ...


Robyn Williams talks about inspiring young scientists, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of the leading science journalist and broadcaster, Robyn Williams, offering advice on how to encourage children to be interested in science. Williams states that the 'greatest challenge' is to exploit and maintain a 'natural' interest displayed in early childhood. He suggests that children ...


Strictly Ballroom, 1992: Triumph

In this clip Scott and Fran triumph over the rigid rules of the Australian Dancing Federation with their electrifying performance of the paso doble. Although disqualified by the judges for failing to dance 'strictly ballroom' steps, they are inspired by the emotional support provided by Scott's father, Doug. His slow rhythmical ...


Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction, c1930

This is a frame blow-up showing the two halves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction. The frame comes from an eight-minute black-and-white movie, 'Sydney Harbour Bridge: construction' showing the building of the Bridge from start to finish.


Diagram of the Snowy Mountains Scheme

This is a schematic cross-section diagram, drawn in 1953, of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. It shows the two main sections of the Scheme: the Tumut and the Snowy-Murray Developments. The diagram outlines the two transmountain tunnel systems that divert water from the Snowy River and its tributary, the Eucumbene ...


Road building, Canberra, 1927

This is a black-and-white photograph taken looking south along Mort Street, Braddon, a suburb of Canberra, in 1927. The surface of the road is being 'macadamised'. In the centre of the photo, steam can be seen rising from a steam roller, and in the background behind it can be seen the Civic Centre. On the left-hand side ...


Surveying Snowy Mountains Scheme dam, 1949

This is a black-and-white photograph of two men surveying the site of the Eucumbene Dam, a valley near Adaminaby, New South Wales. A surveyor is taking notes beside a tripod and theodolite (an instrument used by a surveyor to measure angles), while another man is holding a stadia rod (a graduated vertical rod used to find ...


Sustenance workers at bridge construction site, 1930s

This is a black-and-white photograph taken by C R Gotts most probably in the 1930s, showing a group of workers standing on the bridge they are building as part of a sustenance project for the unemployed during the Great Depression in Australia. The photograph measures 13.4 cm x 20.6 cm.


Construction of streets in Canberra, 1928

This is a black-and-white photograph of streets being constructed with a T-intersection in Canberra. The worksite includes construction vehicles and temporary buildings. A man is walking on a section that appears to be pegged out for a footpath and ruts indicate that the street is already being used.


Closing the arch, Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1930

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken in 1930, measuring 18.3 cm x 25.2 cm, of workers closing the arch in the centre of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, New South Wales. Below, ferries are going to and from McMahons Point Wharf, where others are docked. Jetties, terraced houses and some other buildings can be seen among ...


Giant blowfly model, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

This is a model, measuring 41.5 cm x 37.5 cm, for a large inflatable blowfly that was designed by Reg Mombassa for use as a prop in the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The shape of the blowfly, which has been cut from foamcore, has a hand-drawn image of the blowfly glued to its surface. The blowfly's ...


Rock and roll in Sydney, 1956

This is a black-and-white newsreel segment with spoken commentary from the Cinesound Review newsreel released to cinemas on 20 September 1956. The segment is entitled 'The Whole Town's Jumpin'! ROCK 'N ROLL COMES TO SYDNEY', and opens with shots of couples 'rock 'n rolling' to a band at a hall in Rockdale, a suburb of Sydney. ...


Poster for Mambo

This is a colour promotional poster designed by Reg Mombassa in 1984 for the Mambo Graphics clothing company. The poster features a typical Australian suburban backyard in which can be seen a utility vehicle with caravan attached, a Hills hoist clothesline and a small house. A character wearing colourful Mambo shorts is ...


'Opening the Sydney Harbour Bridge: 1932' - part 1 of 9

This is a clip from a famous Cinesound Review newsreel, showing sections of the newly completed Sydney Harbour Bridge, with the British and Australian flags flying from its pylons. Taken from the water, the footage shows crowds standing under the Bridge and around the base of the pylons, waiting for the opening ceremony ...


'Opening the Sydney Harbour Bridge: 1932' - part 2 of 9

This is a clip from a famous Cinesound Review newsreel, showing part of the opening ceremony for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It opens with an intertitle: 'Ceremony at the Dais - His Excellency the State Governor reads a message from His Majesty The King.' Standing behind a lectern draped with the Union Jack, Sir Phillip ...


'Opening the Sydney Harbour Bridge: 1932' - part 3 of 9

This is a clip from a famous Cinesound Review newsreel, showing the controversial Premier of New South Wales, John (Jack) Lang, delivering part of the opening speech for the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the dais, surrounded by other officials and their wives. He later officially declared the Bridge open. The newsreel was ...