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Listed under:  Arts  >  Media arts  >  Stagecraft  >  Stage lighting
Listed under:  Arts  >  Drama (Arts)  >  Stagecraft  >  Stage lighting
Interactive resource

Light and reflection: under the spotlight

Set up stage lighting for a rock band. Select a convex reflector to floodlight the band or a concave reflector to highlight one band member. Choose a lighting pattern to suit the order in which music is played. Compare the effect of spotlights and floodlights. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.

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Dress Rehearsal - over to the dancers now

See how, even at the stage of dress rehearsal, a dance performance continues to develop and refine. In this clip choreographer Lucy Guerin discusses the big ideas which have shaped her dance work 'Weather' for her company Lucy Guerin Inc. We see Guerin working on the final details of the dancers' spacing as well as the ...

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Designing lighting for The Nutcracker ballet

David Walters is the lighting director for Queensland Ballet's The Nutcracker. Listen as he describes the role of lighting in this production. Why does he say that lighting is a powerful tool? What is it able to do? Why is it important for a lighting designer to work closely with other designers and the choreographer?