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Interactive resource

The journey of the Hong Hai

Retrace the journey of 38 refugees who escaped from Vietnam on a fishing boat in 1978. They were the first in a wave of 'boat people' to reach Australia's shores. Find out about the hardships and key events of the 51-day voyage. Explore historic objects from the trip such as a watch, guitar and binoculars. Learn about the ...

Interactive resource

This house: settling in Leichhardt [ESL]

Explore the life stories of a range of people who lived in a house in Leichhardt between 1885 and 2005. Find out where they came from, how they got to New South Wales and what they brought with them. Find clues to match objects with their original owners from Ireland, Italy, Lebanon and Tanzania. Answer questions about ...


White Australia policy

This collection of 17 digital curriculum resources about the White Australia policy covers the racist background to the policy, its use of a dictation test to exclude non-white immigrants, the deportation of indentured Pacific Islander labourers in the 1900s, the effects of the policy on people's lives, its supporters and ...


Travelling to the Australian goldfields

This collection of 16 digital curriculum resources is organised into four categories - gold rushes in the mid-19th century; Victorian and New South Wales goldfields; Queensland goldfields; and Western Australian goldfields. Learning objects, film clips, contemporary illustrations and photographs provide evidence of gold ...

Teacher resource

Representations of Ned Kelly - Teacher idea

In this Teacher idea, students evaluate the accuracy, reliability and representativeness of the way popular culture depicts historical figures like Ned Kelly. A variety of digital resources is used to help students decide if Ned Kelly was a hero or a villain. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.

Teacher resource

The development of Australian nationhood - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea is designed to be interesting and comprehensive – the teacher wanted to avoid the 'drier' approach that she had taken in the past. It includes interactive learning objects, film clips, photographs, posters, cartoons, maps and documents examining Australia’s road to nationhood. It includes a unit of work ...


Latvian national costume, 1945

This is an example of a Latvian national costume consisting of eight separate pieces. Shown here are: a red wool drawstring skirt with vertical woven inlays creating colourful patterned stripes; a 'crown' with beading and metallic braiding over red felt, the top edged by large crystal beads; a natural-coloured linen waistcoat ...


Drawing of Caroline Chisholm

This is a black-and-white drawing of the 19th-century humanitarian and social reformer Caroline Chisholm, shown sitting in front of a covered table reading some papers, with a quill pen and books to the right. On the wall behind is a partial drawing of what may be a sea chart or map. Chisholm has been drawn wearing a dark-coloured ...


Depicting Australia's cultural diversity

This is a collection of digital curriculum resources focusing on how Australia’s cultural diversity was depicted at various times in the 20th and 21st centuries. The collection is organised into four categories - depictions in the 1950s and before; the 1960s and 70s; the 1980s and 90s; and the 21st century. It includes ...


Migration of displaced persons to Australia, 1947-53

This collection of 20 resources focuses on over 170,000 European refugees who came to Australia between 1947 and 1953. It is organised in four categories - the Displaced Persons' program; concentration camp survivors; what people brought with them; arriving in Australia; and new lives in Australia. The collection includes ...


Wolf Klaphake, enemy alien, 1941

This one-page report is part of a series of official documents concerning Wolf Klaphake, a German national who was classed as an enemy alien and held in an internment camp in Australia from 1940 to 1944. The report is addressed to the General Officer Commanding (GOC) Eastern Command and is headed 'National Security (Aliens ...


Asylum seekers in the 1990s and 2000s

This collection of 13 digital curriculum resources focuses on the arrival of asylum seekers in Australia in the 1990s and early 2000s. It is organised into six categories - reasons for seeking asylum; reaching Australia; Australian reactions; detention centres; assessing refugee status; and living and working in the community. ...


British migration to Australia in the 20th century

This is a collection of digital curriculum resources focusing on British immigration to Australia from the 1920s to the 1960s. It is organised into five categories - British migration in the interwar years; British migration after the Second World War; British migration in the 1950s; British migration in the 1960s; and ...


Italian migration to Australia in the 20th century

This is a collection of digital curriculum resources focusing on Italian immigration to Australia from the 1920s to the 1980s. It is organised into five categories - Italian migration before the Second World War; arriving in Australia in the post-War years; marriage and family life in Australia; Italian Australians in the ...


Chinese miners on the Australian goldfields

This collection of 12 digital curriculum resources focuses on Chinese prospectors and miners on the Australian goldfields. It is organised into four categories - travelling to the goldfields; living on the goldfields; at work on the goldfields; and opposition to Chinese miners. The collection includes photographs; artworks ...


Vietnamese refugees and immigrants

This collection of 24 digital curriculum resources is organised into five categories - fleeing Vietnam by boat; the voyage of the Hong Hai; arriving as migrants; living in Australia in the 1970s and 80s; and Vietnamese refugees and the arts. The collection contains interactive learning objects, photographs, artefacts, artworks ...

Teacher resource

Making Australia home - unit of work

Examining a variety of sources and individual stories, students develop understandings of why people have journeyed to Australia, the experiences of these journeys and the challenges and opportunities that life in Australia has presented to the people who have immigrated to Australia. Class discussions, small group ICT ...

Teacher resource

Introducing the topic of immigration - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea contains video footage showing how a teacher introduces the topic of immigration to Australia with her year 3-4 class. Students view a re-enactment of a migrant's journey to Australia and discuss the different messages it conveys. The Teacher idea also describes and provides access to the digital resource ...


Migration to Australia and New Zealand before the gold rushes

This is a collection of 25 digital curriculum resources focusing on migration to Australia and New Zealand up to the mid-1850s. It contains paintings, engravings, photographs, artefacts, a narrative cartoon, a learning object, and explanatory video footage. The collection is organised into eight categories - migrants from ...


Dinner at Northcote School

This is an excerpt from 'Northcote School', a silent colour film made in 1950 about the Northcote Farm School at Glenmore in Victoria, which was established in 1937 to house child migrants from Great Britain. The Northcote Farm School consisted of small group homes headed by 'cottage mothers', and this excerpt depicts dinnertime ...