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My Place - Episode 2: 1998: Mohammed, Ramadan

Mohammed's family is moving into their new house, owned by Michaelis. It is nearing Ramadan and at mealtime the family discusses whether Mohammed can participate this year.

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My Place - Episode 16: 1858: Benjamin, Eggs for tuppence

After foraging in the forest for plover eggs, Ben competes with Leck to sell them to the local populace. He then gets in trouble with his father after he repeats an ugly stereotype about Chinese people that he learned from Mr Wilson.

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My Place - Episode 16: 1858: Benjamin, Working together

Ben and Leck work together to repair Mr Owen's broken clock. Leck corrects Ben on the truth behind the ugly stereotype he learned from Mr Wilson.

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My Place - Episode 17: 1848: Johanna, Torment

Johanna carries out a variety of chores around town. While delivering vegetables, she overhears a piece of gossip about her father. The local boys tease and attack her because of her bright red hair.

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My Place - Episode 17: 1848: Johanna, Loves me, loves me not

Johanna reads a letter from her uncle to her grandmother. She plays a practical joke on one of the Owen boys by putting a frog in his chamber-pot. Johanna and her grandmother visit the grave of her mother. Johanna asks about who her father was.

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My Place - Episode 20: 1818: Charles, Being a lady

Charles's mother educates him on the difference between Sarah and 'a lady'. Charles steals some of his mother's clothes in order to create a disguise for Liam but is surprised when Liam uses the disguise to gatecrash Sarah's wedding.


Sporting Volunteers

Sport is a way of life for many Australians. Often all we see are the players on the field, but have you ever thought about what is involved behind the scenes? Jarvis Holt from Kurraca, Victoria, was a finalist of the 2012 Heywire storytelling competition for young people. Listen as he explores the whole army of people ...

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Racing the boys

Brittany Armstrong's regular Friday night? Competing against the boys on the Lismore Speedway. In her Heywire story 'Go hard, turn left', find out how teenage speedway racer Brittany describes her experiences. Could you write or record a similar story about yourself and/or your community? The ABC's Heywire competition calls ...

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Woolly holiday

For Genevieve Wright, the first day of school holidays means heading to the shearing shed to spend a day of back-breaking work! As you listen to her Heywire audio story, explore Genevieve's characterisation of herself. How does she reflect her personality through the descriptions of her actions and environment?<br /><br ...


Representing Australia's farmers

What image comes to mind when you think of Australia's (Australian) famers? The media often shows farmers facing drought, floods and even locust plagues. Such media reports often portray farmers as 'Aussie Battlers' who are struggling in a challenging environment. As you watch, consider how farmers are represented in this report.

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An animated character is part of the story

What goes into making an animated feature film? DreamWorks Animation, one of the largest animation studios in the world, has made many award-winning films. 'DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition - Journey from Sketch to Screen' at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) explores some of the hard work involved in ...


'Cemetery of women' cartoon by Judy Horacek, 1995

This cartoon by Judy Horacek is about the ways in which women's identities and achievements can be buried under gender-stereotyped roles. It features tombstones with epitaphs such as 'What's-her-name: a good wife'; 'R.I.P. She did a good roast'; No one ironed like Mum'; 'Daughter of / Wife of / Mother of'; 'You could eat ...


'Putting your body on the line' by Nathan Besser

'Putting your body on the line' by Nathan Besser recounts a Jewish schoolboy's attempts to gain popularity by being associated with a newly formed school rugby team. The narrator, Nathan, recounts his failure to make the team as a player. His persistent attempts not to be entirely left out result in him being taken on as ...

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Heroic Indigenous endeavours - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explains how TLF materials were used to encourage students to analyse and think critically about racism in different contexts. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


Australia Post - Onward Speed, 1970: Secretaries and executives

This clip from a humorous instructional film made in 1970 by Fred Schepisi teaches secretaries and executives how to improve internal efficiencies in handling business mail. In the clip two actors (siblings Jon and Rhonda Finlayson) play multiple roles that caricature female secretaries and male executives. The actors demonstrate ...

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The me generation - unit of work

In this unit of work students explore what it means to be part of the 'me generation' through looking at identity, what defines the 'me generation', the influence of the media, advertising, new technology and social and political issues that are considered personally relevant. Students compare these influences and issues ...

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Gender representation in the media - unit of work

In this unit of work, students examine and analyse how gender has been constructed in advertising and across a range of media over time, and the consequent stereotyping of both male and female identities. Students deconstruct the way the media and advertising appeal to and target young people as a lucrative market, and ...


Australia's peril

This is a promotional poster for the 1917 Australian silent movie 'Australia's peril'. The poster shows a sketch of three German soldiers in a bedroom, one holding a dead or fainting woman. A man lies dead on the floor, holding a revolver. The catchcry is 'Are Our Women Safe from Violation? Men and Women of Australia, Awake!'


'It's a long long way to Tipperary', 1914

This is a famous song from the First World War. It was composed by Jack Judge and Harry Williams in 1912 and sold one million copies in 1914. It was often sung by soldiers marching up to the front line, especially in the early stages of the War in 1914.


'There's a man's job for you in Australia', c1947

This is a colour poster, measuring 102 cm x 77 cm, produced by the Australian Department of Information around 1947 and featuring a drawing of a strong, bronzed man, wearing a slouch hat, singlet and trousers, walking over cultivated rolling hills. In the background are images of farming and manufacturing industries.