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A drover rounds up horses

This is a black-and-white photograph of a drover rounding up horses in the Australian outback. The photograph shows a man on horseback cracking a whip. Numerous horses can be seen in the background running through what appears to be scrub or bushland. Although the background is blurred, this emphasises the figure of the ...


Aboriginal guides in the Thornycroft expedition, 1929

This is a black-and-white photograph showing four Aboriginal stockmen standing in front of a small plane in the Tanami Desert in the Northern Territory in May 1929. Two have a hand on the single propeller of the plane, which was named Kookaburra. The four, identified as Bob, Tommy, Hughie and Jack, are guides who had joined ...


Aboriginal stockmen and the pastoral industry

This is a collection of ten digital curriculum resources focusing on the contribution of Aboriginal stockmen to the Australian cattle industry, particularly in northern Australia. It is grouped into three categories: working on cattle stations; occasional work as guides; and striking for better pay and conditions. The collection ...


Station transport and supplies

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary film made in 1929, probably entitled 'The woolly west'. An intertitle, 'A horse and saddle are the chief tools of the station trade.', introduces footage of a large herd of horses being led by a man on horseback and three men riding horses out of a pen. A second intertitle, 'This ...


A brumby muster in 1949 - asset 1

This is a photograph from 1949 showing a brumby muster in a valley with several mountains of the Australian Alps in the background. In the fore and middle ground of the photograph there are two mounted men pursuing a small mob of brumbies. The photograph was taken from a position on a rocky outcrop looking downward.


A brumby muster in 1949 - asset 2

This is black-and-white photograph taken in 1949, showing a mounted stockman lassoing a wild brumby. A ridge of hills is visible in the background and cloud formations cover the sky.


'Panorama of Challicum, No. I', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 15.8 cm x 24.4 cm showing gently undulating grassland and narrow bands of trees. A group of cows is being herded by a mounted man to a lower area behind a hill, possibly towards a small group of huts that can be glimpsed in the middle ground. The artist, Duncan Cooper, included this painting ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. II', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 16 cm x 24.5 cm showing the Victorian squatting runs Challicum and Yalla-y-poora from a south-south-westerly viewpoint. In the midground is the yellow grassland of the Fiery Creek plains, gum trees dot the countryside and the distant bluish mountain is Mount Weejort. Two emus are shown in ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. III', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 16 cm x 24.5 cm showing the Victorian squatting run Challicum, from a south-westerly viewpoint. A team of four bullocks, pulling a single-axle wagon loaded with fuel and rough bush timber, is centred in front of a large forest. Two unidentified mountains or hills are on the horizon. The artist, ...


'Overlanders', 1865

This is a coloured print, measuring 19.4 cm x 25.2 cm, painted by the famous colonial artist Samuel Thomas Gill (1818-80) and published in 'The Australian Sketchbook' in 1865. It shows two drovers watering their horses on a hilly trail, with a large herd of cattle moving into the distance. Also depicted are the drovers' ...


Drover or stockman taking a break, 1890-1900

This is a black-and-white photograph from a silver gelatin dry-plate glass negative produced by the studio of Charles Kerry and Co, Sydney, showing a drover or stockman standing beside a dusty track. He has a stockwhip draped over his arm and is taking a drink from his waterbag. To the left of the image is a team of horses ...


Beef cattle industry, 1932

This is a short excerpt from a silent black-and-white documentary entitled 'The beef cattle industry' and filmed in 1932. The first sequence shows scenes of white and Indigenous Australian stockmen herding cattle and unloading their horses in front of a partially built store shelter. The following sequence begins with the ...


Interview from the Drovers Oral History Project, 2000

This is a sound recording from the Drovers Oral History Project, recorded during the Drovers' Camp Festival in July 2000, in which Wayne McCulloch (1950- ) recalls his days as a head stockman in northern Australia. From the point of view of a head stockman with 40 years' experience, he talks about establishing discipline ...


Rodeo at Queanbeyan, 1942 - asset 2

This is a segment from an episode of Cinesound Review, a black-and-white newsreel with soundtrack titled ‘Yanks and Aussies bothered by bull’, filmed in 1942 at the showground in Queanbeyan, south-eastern New South Wales. With fast-paced, lively background music, various shots follow of men riding on bucking horses, with ...


Mustering cattle, c1988

This is a colour photograph of two stockmen on horseback at a cattle muster. Through the dusty haze the photograph depicts sparse trees, fenced cattle yards and drinking troughs. One stockman and his horse block the cattle from a gap in the fence while the other is shepherding the cattle in a particular direction. This ...


The Queen Goes West, 1988: Band rejected

This clip shows two members of the Longreach Town Band playing their instruments in the butcher's shop of the small town of Longreach, Queensland, where they work. The popular community band has been well established in Longreach for many years and plays at many local events. The band members explain that, although they ...


The Man From Snowy River, 1982: 'A stripling, on a small and weedy beast'

This clip from the popular Australian feature film 'The Man from Snowy River' shows a chase sequence in which experienced stockmen pursue a valuable escaped colt that is running with a mob of brumbies (wild horses). The mob descends a steep and treacherous slope. The stockmen halt at the top, reluctant to follow them, but ...


How the West Was Lost, 1987: Four dollars a fortnight

This clip shows an interview with Sam Coppin, one of the Indigenous stockmen who, in 1946, went on strike for better conditions. Coppin describes working conditions before the strike. Archival colour footage of Indigenous workers handling stock is shown, followed by Crow Yougarla, another stockman, describing the strike ...


Flying Doctor treating a patient, 1969

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in outback Queensland for the Brisbane Courier Mail, showing Dr Tim O'Leary of the Royal Flying Doctor Service attending an injured stockman. The unidentified stockman is lying down with his head resting on a saddle and one of his legs in an inflatable plastic splint. Another stockman, ...


Indigenous stockmen at Beswick Station, 1954

This is a black-and-white photograph of five Indigenous Australian stockmen on horseback, mustering a mob of Shorthorn cattle in the Northern Territory in 1954. The location is the Beswick Station, about 320 km south of Darwin. The area is flat and sparsely vegetated, and the cattle are partly obscured by the dust they ...