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Moving Image

Tension in the air

In this Heywire audio story, explore how Marguerite Donaldson builds tension as she recounts a nerve-wracking incident that happened while she was flying one day. Find out what this incident has revealed to her and how she shares her thoughts. Could you write or record a similar story about yourself and/or your community? ...


Strictly Ballroom, 1992: Triumph

In this clip Scott and Fran triumph over the rigid rules of the Australian Dancing Federation with their electrifying performance of the paso doble. Although disqualified by the judges for failing to dance 'strictly ballroom' steps, they are inspired by the emotional support provided by Scott's father, Doug. His slow rhythmical ...


Seven Deadly Sins - Pride, 1992: The lover

This clip from the television play 'Seven Deadly Sins - Pride' shows a rehearsal for the play 'The Stronger' by August Strindberg. The action takes place in a darkened theatre as Roger Pascoe (Colin Friels) directs his wife Jill (Elizabeth Alexander) and impatiently tries to motivate their actor friend in a scene that is ...

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Creating suspense: project example

This downloadable zip file is part of the Adobe digital school collection of resources and supports a lesson plan on creating suspense. This resource includes several suspenseful film examples that have been created using Adobe Premiere Elements 10. There are also folders that include all the assets required to undertake ...

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Arts-POP: drama

This is a unit containing material to help teachers plan, implement and assess a middle primary drama program that looks at Indian culture and its economic complexities. It describes a drama program implemented in a year 4 class that uses role-play, process drama and language to explore ideas about wealth distribution, ...

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Arts-POP: arts packages of practice

This website provides infrastructure and material to support teachers in the classroom teaching of the arts curriculum in primary school. It contains units in all the arts subjects: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts; and each of these units has a selection of supportive material that may include demonstration ...

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The Power of the Pen - creating impactful texts

This is an interactive and engaging lesson aimed at developing a student’s ability to maximise the evocative nature of their fictional texts. This is an introduction into the use of advanced literary and poetic devices and the immediate responses they conjure in the minds of readers. Students will take away from this a ...