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Tassie tiger: does it still exist?

The Tasmanian wilderness is a rugged and remote environment where many extraordinary and prehistoric species are found. Watch this clip to see the spectacular landscapes, ancient trees and wildlife, including the Tasmanian Devil. You will also see incredible footage of the last known Tasmanian Tiger. Could it still survive ...


Animal weapons: Tasmanian devil

This is a colour clip that shows Tasmanian devils ('Sarcophilus harrisii') scavenging for food at night. A Tasmanian devil feeds on a wallaby carcass, aggressively defending its find from a second larger devil. The two fight noisily over the dead animal with a ritual display of aggression until the first devil eventually ...


Ancient DNA

This 9 minute video segment from Catalyst explains the role of Australian Centre for Ancient DNA.It is an internationally recognised research centre for the study of minute traces of preserved genetic material - species studied date from a million years ago to more modern day mysteries... from mammoths to the Tassie devil, ...


Devil in the Detail

This twelve and a half minute video segment from Catalyst explains how the Tasmanian Devil is afflicted by a unique type of contagious cancer what's never been seen in nature before. Unless the spread of the cancer can be stopped, the Devils could be wiped out with devastating effect to Tasmania's ecosystems. New research ...

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Researching Tasmanian devils in the Tarkine

Did you know that the Tasmanian devil is the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world? Devils play a very important role in the ecosystems of the Tasmanian bushland. Can you find out what that role is? Join conservation biologist Channing Hughes as he traps and documents Tasmanian devils during the Tarkine BioBlitz event. ...