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A poem about taste

Imagine what life would be like if you couldn't taste anything. This rhyming poem will help you think about the importance of our sense of taste.

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Hot chilli contest

Why does eating a chilli give your mouth a burning sensation? Watch the fun as Adam and Dr Karl put three contestants through a chilli-eating contest to explain why chillies taste hot. Then discover the secret antidote to chilli heat.


Wombat stew. Integrated program

Inspired by the picture book Wombat Stew, lessons involve children in going on a Wombat walk to collect rubbish, investigating animal habitats, creating an Australian animals alphabet frieze, creating animal number stories, exploring vocabulary, making Wombat soup, discussing safe and unsafe situations, developing a news ...


Wombat stew: places animals live. Science

Inspired by the picture book Wombat Stew, lessons involve children in creating an Australian animal alphabet frieze, finding information about the habitats of Australian animals from digital and print sources and organising it into booklets and presenting information in the form of 'Who am I?' puzzles.

Interactive resource

Body parts: taste and smell

Look at how people smell things and taste food. Find out how smells help to warn us of dangerous gases or bad food. See how taste buds on the tongue send messages about flavour: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Test your knowledge by answering multiple-choice questions. This learning object is one in a series of 14 objects.


Choice: groceries

This is a web page providing reviews of various grocery products and results of taste comparison tests. It covers sausages, bread, liquid breakfasts, breakfast cereals, Christmas puddings, cake mix, frozen fish and salad dressing as well as looking at Stevia sugar substitute and the major steps beef goes through from the ...


Choice: drinks

This is a web page providing reviews of beverages, the results of a taste test of different coffee products, a comparison between supermarket brand milks and branded products and an investigation of drink bottle recycling. It covers bottled water, milk, coffee capsules, smoothies and frappes, coconut water, milk alternatives ...

Teacher resource

Sweetness: the taste of apples - lesson plan

This is a lesson plan for a class investigation into the sweetness of different apple varieties that requires students to use a rating scale based on the comparison of apples with sugar solutions of different concentrations. It discusses the early use of bitter apples for cider and our perception of sweetness by means of ...

Teacher resource

Tasty science: Connected Learning Experience

This Connected Learning Experience (CLE) students explore the digestive system in higher animals. In this investigation, the specialised structures and functions of cells in the tongue are explored to determine how this organ helps animals survive. Claims regarding the taste map of the tongue, published in 1901, are evaluated ...