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Teacher resource

Engaging students in literature

The teacher librarian acknowledges the importance of incorporating a variety of strategies to engage students in meaningful learning tasks. She works with the library team to plan, implement and evaluate learning tasks that cater for the specific learning needs of a range of children. She values planning with the library ...

Teacher resource

Ancient Rome

The teacher librarian and her colleague deliver a lesson that forms part of a year 7 unit on Ancient Rome. The librarian brings to the collaboration an understanding of appropriate print and digital curriculum resources suitable to the task. She also recognises the importance of information literacy and how this needs to ...

Teacher resource

Selecting resources

The teacher librarian collaborates with colleagues to select a wide variety of resources to meet the needs of students for an inquiry unit. She is proactive in consulting with teachers on their resource needs and plans with teachers and the teaching and learning coordinators to ensure the resources selected align to the ...

Teacher resource

Information literacy

A teacher librarian works with teachers to plan and review a student research unit on Ancient Rome. Reference is made to a student survey, which has established the students’ levels of understanding of the inquiry process. Expected learning outcomes are identified along with the research task, the final product, formal ...