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Teacher resource

Creating a reading culture in a school community

This teacher resource describes how Proserpine State School in Queensland successfully responded to the need to improve student outcomes, especially in the area of reading, by implementing a whole-school approach that encouraged students to read more, and more widely. The resource is presented in eight sections: Summary; ...

Teacher resource

Engage to achieve: using mobile technologies to enthuse reluctant readers

This teacher resource describes how a cluster of four primary schools in Launceston, Tasmania, worked together to explore the potential of mobile technologies to engage reluctant and low-achieving readers in year 6. The program they developed exposed students to a range of multimodal texts, developed their understanding ...

Teacher resource

Improving reading in a community of schools

This teacher resource describes a highly successful strategy implemented by a network of four schools in Sydney to improve their students' reading in years 3 to 6. The Focus on Reading 3-6 professional learning program resulted in teachers developing and sharing their skills and experiences. There were also positive effects ...

Teacher resource

Improving year 7 literacy performance

This teacher resource describes a successful strategy developed by Seymour P-12 College in Victoria to improve year 7 students' performance in reading beyond the expected maturational increment. This was achieved through changes in timetabling; allocating students to classes based on current reading levels; and reducing ...

Teacher resource

Linking school targets to classroom practice

This teacher resource describes a successful whole-school approach by Rosemeadow Public School in New South Wales to enhance the reading and comprehension skills of years 3-6 students. Assessment for learning was used to identify desired results, develop whole-school targets, devise a reading and comprehension rubric, adjust ...

Teacher resource

Literacy coaching - reading comprehension

This teacher resource describes a successful evidence-based strategy developed by Darlington Primary School in South Australia to improve the reading comprehension of students from Reception (Foundation) to year 7. The central focus of the strategy was a literacy coach supporting teachers' explicit instruction of higher-order ...

Teacher resource

Seeking different results: the Accelerated Literacy program

This is a teacher resource describing the evidence-based Accelerated Literacy strategy successfully implemented by Mayfield East Public School. The strategy improved the literacy, especially reading skills and levels, of its students and the professional competencies of its teachers. The resource is organised in eight sections: ...

Teacher resource

CEOWA early literacy intervention

This teacher resource describes the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia's (CEOWA's) successful Early Literacy Intervention strategy, which provides intensive daily individual reading and writing intervention for the lowest-achieving students in year 1. Organised in nine sections: Summary; Target student group; ...

Teacher resource

Creating change as a literacy coach

This teacher resource describes how a literacy coach made a substantial difference to students' literacy achievements, teachers' involvement in literacy strategies and whole-school culture at Allendale East Area School in South Australia. Organised in nine sections: Summary; Target student group; Method; Results; Lessons ...

Teacher resource

Evidence Based Observations and Coaching

This teacher resource describes an extended professional learning program implemented in 38 Victorian independent schools using evidence-based observations (EBO) as the basis for in-school teacher coaching to improve students' literacy and numeracy. Organised in nine sections: Summary; Target student group; Method; Results; ...

Teacher resource

Four-dimensional coaching support for teachers of literacy and numeracy

This is a teacher resource describing a collaborative model of whole-school change to build teacher capacity and improve student outcomes in literacy and numeracy implemented in 45 Catholic primary schools (F-7) in South Australia. Organised in nine sections: Summary; Target student group; Method; Results; Next steps; Lessons ...

Teacher resource

Literacy Empowerment Project: Literacy Backpack Program

This teacher resource is about the Literacy Backpack Program established in 16 remote school campuses in the Katherine region of the Northern Territory. The program supplies books and magazines to schools and homes in the region as part of a levelled reading program and is designed to foster a community approach to reading. ...

Teacher resource

Consistency in reading assessment in ACT public schools

This teacher resource is about a strategy to improve student performance in reading through the use of benchmarks. The strategy was implemented in the majority of the 68 public early childhood, primary and P-10 schools in the Australian Capital Territory. The resource discusses how and why the benchmarks were developed ...


Schoolboys' summer camp, 1949

This is a photograph taken in 1949 that shows nine boys in a wooden hut. The boys are reading, writing or talking. Some are in pyjamas. Three sets of bunk beds are visible. Bags are hanging on the far wall and towels on the end of four of the bunk beds.

Teacher resource

Reading analysis

This is a resource for instructional leaders and teachers that contains a video vignette and supporting text on the value of reading analysis for differentiation across the years of schooling, with examples taken from year 1, 5 and 8 classrooms. In the vignette the classroom teachers discuss and demonstrate how they plan ...

Teacher resource

Reading: building knowledge

This is a resource for instructional leaders and teachers that contains a video vignette and supporting text on building students' field knowledge to support them in predicting words and groups of words during pre-reading activities in a Foundation classroom. The teacher describes and demonstrates planning and strategies ...

Teacher resource

Recognising punctuation: year 2

This is a resource for instructional leaders and teachers that contains a video vignette and supporting text on identifying punctuation and phrasing for fluency in a year 2 class. In the vignette there is a professional conversation between a teacher and a school leader about how the teacher uses a variety of ways to teach ...

Teacher resource

Reading map of development

This is a description of seven phases in students’ reading development - role-play, experimental, early, transitional, conventional, proficient and accomplished - supported by suggestions for teaching and learning experiences to enhance reading development. Part of the internationally recognised ‘First Steps’ literacy program, ...

Teacher resource

Unpacking teaching strategies

A teacher and an advisor discuss the aims of a lesson before it is delivered and reflect on what worked in the lesson subsequent to its delivery. The advisor focuses on developing the teacher's practice by emphasising the need to develop more engaging teaching and learning strategies. She encourages the teacher to modify ...

Teacher resource

Teaching Critical Reading for University

A teacher trials a lesson before a group of fellow teachers. The lesson focuses on literacy strategies that can be used with prospective university students who may need assistance in deconstructing complex and unfamiliar texts. The strategy used is a 'SQ3R' method – Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review – which is designed ...