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Cotton Education Kit

This richly illustrated kit provides a range of information and data about the Australian cotton industry. Chapters provide background on the modern industry; sustainability; the history of cotton in Australia; the cotton plant; how cotton is grown; the business of cotton farming; cotton processing, cotton as a economic ...


Merry and Bush token penny, 1863

This is a round, copper token featuring the name, location and business of the issuer: Merry and Bush / Queensland / Merchants and General Importers. It also shows the year the coin was released: 1863. The reverse features a coat of arms supported by an emu and kangaroo, with an 'Advance Australia' banner beneath and 'Peace ...


Female textile employees operating industrial looms, 1950-60

This a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting female workers at a textiles factory. The women are working in pairs at a number of industrial cloth-weaving looms. In the foreground are rolls of yarn stacked in several piles.


S Deeble token penny, 1862

This is a round, copper token featuring the name, business and address of the issuer: S Deeble, Draper / London House, Bourke St / Melbourne. The reverse shows an emu on a grassy plain with a rising sun on the horizon. Below this is an 'Advance Victoria' banner. Above this scene are 'Victoria' and the year, and below it ...


Supervising industrial spinning machines at a textiles factory, 1954

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a manufacturing worker supervising the operation of a number of industrial spinning machines at a textiles factory. He is wearing a white coat and is bending over a machine.The machines are arranged in long rows and cover the whole floor of the factory. ...


Lewis Abrahams token penny, 1855

This is a round, bronze token featuring the name, business and address of the issuer: Lewis Abrahams / Draper / Liverpool Street / Hobart Town. The reverse features an emu facing a kangaroo in a grassy field, with 'Tasmania' above and the year below. The token has a diameter of 34 mm and weighs 13.45 g.


Learn About Wool: Years 9 -10

This website provides the ideal opportunity for students to explore the Australian wool industry in terms of sustainable fibre production and marketing as the global population increases. Students can use these resources to investigate how and why wool businesses seek to create and maintain a competitive advantage in the ...


Learn About Wool: Years 7 - 8

This website provides the ideal opportunity for students to explore how wool is produced in carefully-managed environments to ensure a balance between production and long-term environmental sustainability. Year 7 students will find plenty of examples of how the Australian wool industry responds to consumer needs and demands, ...


Closing the loop on textile pollution

It might seem unusual to find a textile factory located inside a national park. In this clip you will visit an English company that has found a way to 'close the loop' on pollution. And all it took was some clever thinking. Find out how their innovative solution is saving time, money and the environment.


How to grow a pair of jeans

This is a slideshow for primary students that traces the steps in cotton production and processing from seeds to jeans. The ten slides in the show use photographs and relatively simple text to cover ground preparation for the cotton crop; seed planting; irrigation and the efficient use of water by Australian cotton farmers; ...


The Australian cotton story

This is a nine-minute video about cotton cultivation in Australia and cotton's importance for Australians. Intended for a mid to upper primary school audience, it depicts a family sowing, irrigating, spraying and harvesting cotton on their farm at Dalby, Queensland. It also illustrates the life cycle of the cotton plant ...