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Legacy of Nazism in modern Vienna

Why did Nazis in Austria dig up hundreds of human remains from graves in Vienna's Währing Jewish cemetery? Join reporter Mark Corcoran as he visits a Viennese museum to search for the remains of an 18th-century Jewish baroness. He makes some disturbing discoveries there. This clip from 2007 is the second of two.


The Redfern address given by prime minister Paul Keating, 1992

This is a recording of excerpts from an address by prime minister Paul Keating (1944-) in the inner-Sydney suburb of Redfern on 10 December 1992. Keating outlines what he describes as Australia's failure to extend opportunity, care, dignity and hope to its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. He declares that ...


Hammerhead shark headdress, 1994

This is an image of an articulated dance headdress featuring the 'beizam' or shark created by Ken Thaiday Snr. It shows the headdress from the side and reveals the headdress's components of shark's jaws and foreshortened body (bottom left), plywood base (bottom centre) and model of the entire shark (top centre). The headdress ...


Canoe paddles (kaba)

This is an image of a pair of decorated canoe paddles, crafted by Cedric Waia of Saibai Island in the Torres Strait.


Pearl divers in the Torres Strait, c1947

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a diver and assistant on a pearl lugger in the Torres Strait. The diver is holding onto the side of the lugger and is wearing what appear to be close-fitting diving clothes. The man assisting him is holding up a metal diving helmet and either has just taken it off the diver's ...


Torres Strait Anglican priests, mid-1920s-1930s

This black-and-white photograph taken at Moa Island in Torres Strait shows Bishop Stephen Davies, the Anglican Bishop of Carpentaria, with Reverend Joseph Lui and Reverend Poey Passi. Bishop Stephen Davies is seated and wears full bishop's vestments. Reverend Joseph Lui and Reverend Poey Passi are each wearing priestly ...


Saibai Island dancers, 2001

This is a colour photograph of the Saibai Island choreographer and dancer Cedric Waia leading the dance troupe Moeyoengu Koekaperr in the Dhoeri dance during the Tracking Kultja festival at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra. The dancers wear traditional dress featuring armbands and decorative items made from ...


Ken Thaiday Snr wearing a shark headdress, 2006

This colour photograph depicts Ken Thaiday Snr wearing a beizam or shark headdress of his own creation while performing the dance of his shark totem. There are two representations of the hammerhead shark on the headdress - a body model on top and a foreshortened version at right angles underneath. Feathers decorate the ...


Indigenous activists, 1963

This is a black-and-white photograph showing at least three representatives of the Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement (FCAA). The woman is Kath Walker (later Oodgeroo Noonuccal). The man with the glasses is Pastor Doug Nicholls, and the man with a hat is Elia Ware Senior. The other two men in the photograph are ...


Tombstone Unveiling, 2000: Ceremony day

This clip shows preparations for a ceremony to unveil or open a tombstone in a Torres Strait Islander community. Members of the family decorate the gravesite, and the deceased's daughters cover the tombstone with colourful fabrics. Narrator Helen Anu says that people will come from the surrounding islands to celebrate the ...


Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion, c1942 - item 1 of 2

This clip from a silent black-and-white home movie shows Torres Strait Islander servicemen undertaking army training drills on Thursday Island (Weiban) during the Second World War. It opens with a long shot of barefoot uniformed men marching in formation, and passing behind a squad of stationary men. It then cuts to shots ...


Bonita Mabo recalls Eddie Mabo’s land rights battle, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of Bonita Mabo, widow of Indigenous land rights activist Eddie Mabo. She recalls how her husband declared he would fight for recognition as the owner of his traditional land on Mer Island, also known as Murray Island, in the Torres Strait after learning it was officially regarded as crown ...

Interactive resource

Saibai Island canoe

Take a traditional Torres Strait Island ocean-going canoe on a fishing trip and discover the importance of the sea to the local people. Explore a map of the Torres Strait Islands showing the main island groups. Examine a traditional outrigger canoe from Saibai Island. Look at the origins and construction of the hull, sails, ...

Teacher resource

Narragunnawali: School Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs)

A Reconciliation Action Plan is a formal statement of commitment to reconciliation. As part of the Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning program Reconciliation Australia has created an online tool that supports schools to create their own model for action. The self-service tool uses a framework organised ...

Teacher resource

Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning

The Narragunnawali website is a portal of rich content and professional resources for teachers and students in schools and early learning centres that promotes reconcilation between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The website includes curriculum- aligned resources and professional ...